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Therapy Options at Sundance As A School for Troubled Teens

Each troubled teen is unique, thanks to the differences in both their nature and upbringing. Understanding this, Sundance Canyon Academy has made it a point to incorporate various therapeutic modalities into our school for troubled teens. By using a combination of therapeutic options, we are able to more effectively help troubled teens work their way through the things which have held them back.

Individual Therapy At Sundance Canyon Academy

As part the individual care plan designed for your troubled teen, they will attend individual therapy for 90 minutes a week. Depending on the teen’s needs, their individual therapy can be conducted as a single session or be broken up into several sessions.

Sundance allocates only 90 minutes a week for traditional talk therapy because we have found troubled teen boys need a larger mix of other therapeutic modalities. Talk therapy is an excellent supplement to our therapeutic program but our students have been able to make greater strides thanks to other types of therapy options we have available.

Allowing Group Therapy To Assist In Healing

Most teens, troubled or otherwise, are greatly influenced by their peers. By having group therapy on a daily basis, led by an experienced therapist, troubled teens in our program are able to positively support one another. With the assistance and encouragement of their peers, we have seen many troubled students turn their lives around.

We have multiple therapy groups available so your troubled teen can work with other teens who have similar struggles. Our regular groups include:

  1. Attachment

  2. Self-esteem

  3. Trauma

  4. Emotional regulation

  5. Recovery/substance abuse

  6. Relationships

  7. Grief/loss

  8. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

  9. Image

This list of therapy groups is not the only groups we have at Sundance. Depending on our student population and needs, we will form new groups to help all our students.

How Experiential Therapy Works At Sundance

Some things are better learned by experience, and teens are at just the right age to benefit the most from experiential therapy. At Sundance Canyon Academy, we have three focuses for our troubled teens’ experiential therapy: service, experiences, recreation.

Our service-focused experiential therapy helps our students look outwards, rather than dwell on their own troubles. Our students will engage in service projects around 2 times a month. These projects may include:

  1. Meals-on-Wheels

  2. Utah Food Bank

  3. Adopt-a-Highway

  4. Habitat for Humanity

  5. Utah Special Olympics

The experiential aspect of our therapeutic program is built into everyday activities. These activities help our troubled teen students make a direct connection between their actions and how it affects themselves as well as those around them. These activity-based experiences focus on life skills, such as:

  1. Attitude

  2. Interactions

  3. Compliance

  4. Participation

  5. Personal hygiene

  6. Chores

All focused therapeutic work and no play would make our program less than effective. To help give troubled teens new, positive recreational activities to replace negative pastimes as well as reinforcing progress made with other therapeutic modalities, we have a strong recreational therapy program. We offer our students:

  1. Music (beginner and advanced band)

  2. Outdoor activities (hiking, camping, water activities, winter sports)

  3. Sports teams

Troubled Teens And Family Therapy Through Sundance

Last, but not least, family therapy is a weekly offering at Sundance. Your family can either attend in person or call in via a secure video session. With the help of one of our master therapists, your family can work through issues which exist between the family and your troubled teen.

So, if you are looking for a school for troubled teens which offers many therapeutic options for your family and teen, then you will want to contact us at Sundance Canyon Academy.

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