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How to Get Your Teen Son to Care About Hygiene

Puberty is always an awkward time. Kids start to get taller but don’t fill out yet. Boys can have a squeaky voice change that’s comical for everyone but them. Kids who barely ate anything growing up suddenly become ravenous. Kids start to become interested in dating, but they don’t know how to do it. As adults, thinking back on puberty tends to lead to cringe-worthy memories.

Adults tend to forget puberty because of the change in body odor. Sweat starts to get a distinct smell, and shoes can be even worse. As kids transition from child to teen, they don’t automatically notice the scent that comes with it. Since it’s their own body, they seem to be immune to it. Much to the chagrin of everyone around them, the smells of puberty are distinct.

If you are the parent of a smelly teen son, fear not! You are not alone. Many teen boys go through a stinky phase where they don’t want to shower, brush their teeth, change their clothes, or generally do anything to keep up with their hygiene. Here are some tips to get your stinky teen to care about his hygiene.

5 Tips to get your teen son to care about hygiene

As you’re approaching the topic of personal hygiene with your teen son, remember that it can be a sensitive topic. Some teen boys genuinely don’t care about their appearance or other people’s thoughts. Others just haven’t noticed that they smell or look bad to other people.

When trying to get your teen son to care about hygiene, emphasize how much good hygiene will impact him. He might not care if you think he smells terrible, but he might care about how he is perceived by other people or about his health. Ideally, instilling good hygiene practices will eliminate nagging and help your teen care about his upkeep.

Create a daily routine at home

Many teen boys are oblivious to what they need to maintain hygiene. So, they need a parent to step in and teach them. By creating a daily routine that your teen needs to follow, some hygiene standards can become a habit.

  1. Shower every night before bed.

  2. Before leaving for school in the morning, put your night clothes in the laundry bin.

  3. Put your school clothes in the laundry bin when you change into your night clothes.

  4. Brush your teeth immediately after breakfast and dinner.

Good hygiene practices need to become habitual to get your teen son to ca