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The process of admissions can feel OVERWHELMING.
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Teenagers at Home

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Dear Parent,

Welcome to Sundance Canyon Academy. We feel honored that you have chosen us to work with your son and your family. We recognize that this has not been an easy step on your part. Entrusting someone with your child is a difficult decision, yet, be assured, you are not alone.

One question that is often asked, “What do kids need to succeed?” can be answered in many different ways depending on the person or persons you are speaking with. Our answer is a simple one, at Sundance Canyon we provide students healthy relationships in a therapeutic environment to educate, improve, and aid individual growth towards becoming a caring, capable, and contributing member of society.

At Sundance Canyon, we are fully committed to serving families. Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you have a concern or wish to discuss a situation regarding your son. The following information is to help you understand the rules and procedures here at Sundance Canyon.

With Warm Regards,

Sundance Canyon Academy Staff

Who we treat

Sundance insists on a selective admission policy to maintain the positive environment we believe is necessary for personal growth and change. Often teens with negative behavior are unable to correct that behavior when entering residential programs that have high enrollments. Our enrollment of 16 students at any given time allows for individualized and focused treatment of a variety of problems for boys 13-17 years old.

The following are characteristics of typical problems the Sundance staff treat. This is not an exhaustive list, but is a brief sample of common admissions:

Attachment issues
Family Adjustment Difficulties
Habitual Lying
Learning Disabilities
Low Motivation
Low Self-Esteem


Peer Problems
Anger and aggressive behaviors
Post Traumatic Stress and Anxiety Disorders
Relationships Problems
Substance Abuse
School Failure
Victims of Abuse and Neglect
Suicide Ideation

Our admissions criteria will not permit:

Medically Unstable

Physically Violent Histories

Sexual Perpetrators

Psychotic Disorders

Parents who are unwilling to participate

Tuition & Expenses

We are a professional organization, and licensed as a Residential Treatment Center. We are a caring, family oriented facility, priced fairly. Our length of stay tends to be shorter than many other programs. While we primarily bill your insurance provider, Sundance Canyon accepts payment in a variety of ways. Parents and professionals are welcome to consult with a representative from Sundance about private pay or insurance coverage.


The following financial programs are listed and approved funding sources for our families:

Please call us at (866) 241-3234, and one of our Admission Counselors will help you decide how your family will best benefit from his Sundance Canyon experience.

Parent Reviews

“Wow. This is surreal. I can’t thank you and your staff enough for the transformation you have helped to facilitate with Noah. I am deeply and eternally grateful to each and everyone of you. Thank you for loving & guiding him when we couldn’t guide him in the ways he needed. Thank you for guiding him and us during this heart-wrenching journey. I don’t have enough words to express my deep appreciation. With profound gratitude,

Sabrina M. - CA

“Thank you so much for the wonderful parent weekend! You made us feel so welcome and comfortable. We just can’t say enough about your program. You have really changed our lives! Thank you!”

Robert W. - OR.

“Absolutely, Hands-down, the best advice and direction to help us as parents with our son! Thank you, thank you for all your help.”

Dr. Wayne R. - CA

“Your counsel was thoughtful and based on experience.  You saved us time and money and most importantly understood how emotional the process would be…our deepest appreciation.”

Elizabeth P. - MD

“My son found himself, and we forever changed as a family…Thank You!”

Nancy T. - NE

“The skills I have learned have been invaluable to me and our family. Thank you for all the insight and support!”

Paul T.  - TX.

“Your information changed my parenting style for the better.  I can now anticipate the needs of my kids and direct and parent them in the right way!”

Marnie J. - VA

Words cannot adequately express our appreciation for the care and guidance you gave our son. All of you worked together as a team to help him find his way. Thank you!“

Donna O. - CA

“Hey, thank you for all the time you spent with me. I feel like I have learned a lot and I’m applying the skills I’ve learned. Thank you from the Aloha State!”

Sean A. (Alumni student) - HI

“I can still remember our first phone conversation where you described your program in detail. I had six pages of notes to share with my husband. And honestly, it seemed too good to be true. Today, we are witnesses to the success of your program, and I can’t thank you enough for your patience and personal involvement with our son. With our sincerest gratitude“

Paul & Jan D. - IL

“I can’t thank you enough. You saved our son and our family.“

Bret W. - TX.

Happy Family
Family Portrait at the Park
Hiking in Nature

Letter to Parents

As the founders of Sundance Canyon Academy, we write this letter to you with the intention of reducing some of the anxiety that you may be experiencing at this time. For many of our parents finding the right program or school that meets your son’s needs is the most important step.


Our goal is to also make sure your son will be a good fit for our program. We will not accept a student unless we can offer what he and you need at this time.

While our students come to us from various backgrounds and circumstances, typical diagnoses include: substance abuse or addictive behavior, oppositional defiant disorder, mood disorders, ADHD, and learning disorders. While your son may have struggled at home with some of these serious issues, we find that most of our students have been doing little or no schoolwork; lying to family, friends, and therapists; and acting oppositional towards authority figures.

Your son is at a very important point in his life.


Choosing a different path from the self-destructive one he is on is a difficult choice and a very complex process. It means giving up a part of who he is and the immediate gratification he receives from his chosen lifestyle. We hope to help your son experience some different roles and environments that can lead to genuine lasting growth and happiness.

Over the years, we have come to understand that the greatest agent of change comes through relationships. For adolescents, healthy relationships are often grounded in healthy experiences. This is why we are very deliberate in offering an assortment of therapeutic and educational experiences like culinary arts, music, sports activities, and service projects to keep our kids involved and motivated. We do not believe in a “couch trip approach” to therapy. We believe that engagement and trust are established by shared experiences. Some of the best conversations and memories can happen over a cheeseburger dinner or from hiking or snowboarding in the mountains.

For many of our students and parents, the team at Sundance often feels like a “second family.” We ask a lot from our parents and families who participate. This participation requires virtual attendance at weekly family therapy sessions, parent visits, treatment team meetings or consultations, and mutually created home agreements. Working together for the benefit of everyone is a goal that brings us together and validates the work of change.

We hope this letter and our web site helps you gain a better understanding of who we are and the services we provide. If you have any further questions, please contact us. Also, if your circumstances allow, we would suggest scheduling a visit with us to tour our facilities and meet our team. We appreciate your interest in our commitment to helping your child.


Owners, Sundance Canyon Academy & East

Sundance Canyon East is the second campus or home, located in Draper, Utah. The East campus is the same therapeutic and academic program as Sundance Canyon Academy with the exception of location. The East house also has the facilities for caretaking 3 alpaca, 4 baby-doll sheep, and an assortment of chickens. The boys and staff have the responsibility of the animals as daily chores.

The East campus is similar to Academy in therapy and academic structure but the East campus cares for alpaca, sheep, and chickens which students and staff are responsible for through daily chores.

Our students often deal with depression, anxiety, social problems, functional needs and learning differences. Sundance caters to students who have become lost in traditional academic settings. Some students arrive with learning differences, others with emotional challenges that impede their progress. Sundance Canyon has 15 years of experience with the mission of helping kids find hope and healing.

The greatest strength of Sundance Canyon Academy and Sundance Canyon East is maintaining a culture centered on building relationships of trust and caring. We believe this culture should drive our clinical work, education, communication, and activities to help kids succeed. Sundance Canyon’s “arm around the shoulder” atmosphere creates a powerful healing environment, which is part of our goal of delivering long-term success.

Our amazing staff use proven clinical therapies coupled with the power of healing relationships to promote deep, lasting change. Our aim is to help our students live principle-based lives characterized by insightful choices. Sundance Canyon is a place where students find clarity, healing, and direction.

“I have been to 3 treatment centers. Wilderness, then a program I left early, and then Sundance Canyon Academy (I graduated). By far, Sundance is the program that has gone above and beyond. Not only has Sundance stuck by me when I refused to progress, Sundance completely changed my life around.”

Michael (former student)

Sundance is proud of our staff and personnel who work together to create an excellent experience for your son. Sundance thrives on positive interactions. When your child leaves Sundance Canyon all of the world’s problems won’t be solved, but he will have a tremendous and rich experience to look back on where he learned powerful tools and practices that will shape his life for years to come.

Sundance Canyon East

live. learn.

Our motto reflects our commitment to each and every student.


We understand adolescence can be difficult and often painful.


At Sundance Canyon we help our students identify their strengths and develop purpose in their lives as they look to the future with a strong foundation and leadership structure to guide them.

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