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About Our Program

Sundance Canyon Academy is a licensed, residential treatment program that utilizes a highly specialized, therapeutic approach in treating young men, ages 13-17 years old, whose lives are jeopardized by emotional and behavioral issues.

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Parent Testimonials

Empathy and attunement
Tom & Jenny P.
We are so thankful to Sundance for their work to develop Jordan while he was at the program. We would also like to encourage current and future parents to trust Sundance, have faith and be patient because lasting change does not happen overnight. Previously, [Our son] had a very difficult time trying to look ahead and plan things in advance.  However, now he is able to look forward and discuss ideas (long term planning) because he seems to be developing a longer-term outlook on life.
Sabrina M. - CA
Wow. This is surreal. I can't thank you and your staff enough for the transformation you have helped to facilitate with Noah. I am deeply and eternally grateful to each and everyone of you. Thank you for loving & guiding him when we couldn't guide him in the ways he needed. Thank you for guiding him and us during this heart-wrenching journey. I don't have enough words to express my deep appreciation. With profound gratitude, Sabrina M. - CA
Alumni Student, MI
Sundance Canyon did not change me. I changed myself. Thank you for the opportunity and your help!
Alumni Student, CT
I never would have chosen this for myself. But, I’m glad I went through it. Thank you Sundance Canyon!
Alumni Parent, IL
I can still remember our first phone conversation where you described your program in detail. I had six pages of notes to share with my husband. And honestly, it seemed too good to be true. Today, we are witnesses to the success of your program, and I can’t thank you enough for your patience and personal involvement with our son. With our sincerest gratitude.
Alumni Student, HI
Hey, thank you for all the time you spent with me. I feel like I have learned a lot and I’m applying the skills I’ve learned. Thank you from the Aloha State!
Alumni Parent, CA
Words cannot adequately express our appreciation for the care and guidance you gave our son. All of you worked together as a team to help him find his way. Thank you!
Alumni Parent, VA
Your information changed my parenting style for the better. I can now anticipate the needs of my kids and direct and parent them in the right way!
Alumni Parent, TX
The skills I have learned have been invaluable to me and our family. Thank you for all the insight and support!
Alumni Parent, NE
My son found himself, and we forever changed as a family...Thank You!
Alumni Parent, MD
Your counsel was thoughtful and based on experience. You saved us time and money and most importantly understood how emotional the process would be...our deepest appreciation.

How We Are Different

Unlike most treatment programs or schools, we DO NOT use a behavioral modification approach. Our goal is not to focus on the behaviors (rewards or consequence), but what causes those behaviors – their feelings or self-concept.

Empathy and attunement

are the most powerful agents of change. If your son feels that we understand him, and can actually feel what he is going through, then he may believe he is worth the effort we put forth in his behalf. This creates an experience that allows the relationship to be the agent of change.

We accept and teach our students

by active listening, reflection, empathy, permission to feel, and giving without return. Unconditional care, attunement, and validation go a long way for the internal development of our students.


can dispel the cultural myth that it is weakness and argues that it is, in truth, our most accurate measure of courage. When students and families understand this and apply it, it can reduce time in treatment, significantly.

Our 7 keys for Success

Our 7 keys for success are based on years of replicated studies and systemic outcomes.


Increases emotional aptitude through specific therapeutic approaches and considerations including; identity, communication, and commitment.



Builds empathy by putting others before self.



Plays a key role in health and wellbeing and self-management.



Provides opportunities for team building, competition, and acquiring new skills.



Improves confidence and increases optimism through achieving academic needs and goals, thereby contributing to present and future successes. Learning becomes a ‘Life-long’ endeavor.

life skills

Life Skills

Furthers independence through the development of practical skills and passion. Competence and maturity enhances one’s ability to navigate life’s obstacles and promotes interpersonal relationships, negotiation, and community involvement.

after care


Aids anticipation and appreciation for the ‘next steps’ and opportunities now and in the future.

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We are Sundance Canyon Academy

  • Located minutes from Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Licensed with the Utah Department of Human Services
  • Licensed since 2007 as Residential and Day Treatment
  • Therapeutic and Academic services for boys ages 13-17 years
  • 6-9 month average length of stay
  • Weekly progress reports and consultations
  • Established parent advocacy groups and treatment teams
  • Professional testing and assessments
  • Family weekends
  • Staff secured facility
  • Clinical therapy including: Individual, group, and family sessions
  • Ph.D. and Masters level therapists and instructors
  • Psychiatric and medical services provided
  • Recreation therapy/Outdoor education/Sports activities
  • Music & Art opportunities
  • Culinary Arts program
  • We bill Insurance companies
  • Aftercare is available to All students upon graduation
  • Available Scholarships and financing

We are Relationship Focused

All aspects of our program are designed specifically for the best outcomes and success of our students and their families. To provide that ‘environment of change’ parental participation is paramount. As these elements come together, students who would otherwise need two or three programs can move through their growth process – from treatment to transition back home or college – all at Sundance Canyon quickly, effective, and affordably.


We are Professional and Credentialed

Clinicians and staff ensure the disciplines of academics, therapy and experiential activities are dynamically integrated. Specifically, each young man receives weekly individual and family therapy, as well as daily specialized groups according to their individual needs and emphasizes the Mindfulness-based approach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and WHYTRY Models. Interventions include: Adolescent Male Development, Trauma Resolution, Anxiety and Depression, Information Processing Skills, Drug and Alcohol, Adoption and Attachment. Each student may also be provided psychiatric services as needed.

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