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Schools For Troubled Teens Can “Heal” Not Just “Fix”

After struggling with a troubled teen for a long period of time, many parents grasp for any solution to help their child change. But if parents want their troubled teens to undergo permeant change and healing, then they will need to be careful in what treatment course they choose for their troubled teen.

Difference Between “Fixing” Behavior And True Change

Some options available to help with troubled teens, such as wilderness youth programs and boot camps, are what we like to “quick fixes”. These programs demand obedience but generally have no dedicated therapeutic aspect where teens could work with a certified therapist. Instead, intense physical exertion is substituted under the idea that the physical work will help troubled teens to work through their problems.

There is some merit to this approach. Having a healthy body and engaging in regular physical exertion is important for emotional and behavioral balance. However, when troubled teens engage in negative behaviors, it is a symptom of an underlying problem which needs to be addressed from multiple angles to help teens heal and experience true, lasting change.

How A School For Troubled Teens Helps Your Teen Heal

One of the few places a troubled teen can experience a multi-layered approach to their struggles is at a school for troubled teens. This multi-layered healing approach to troubled teens is shown with how most programs, like at Sundance Canyon Academy, is structured.

  1. Personalized care is the focus – Once a teen is accepted into the school for troubled teens, they will have a personalized care plan developed. This will cover everything, from the reasons they were admitted, their therapy schedule, special dietary needs, if they need help to catch up academically, and more.

  2. Therapy is the star of troubled teen schools – In a therapeutic environment like a school for troubled teens, therapeutic healing is what the school revolves around. Unlike in a home setting where a teen may go to therapy once a week, at a school for troubled teens, the teens will engage in therapy every day.

  3. Teens are taught how to progress – Along with the strong therapeutic focus, schools for troubled teens not only help troubled teen correct current poor behavior but also give them the tools to build a better future. The best schools will teach life skills, new coping methods, and help prepare teens to rejoin their peers as a positive influence.

Choose The Right Place For Your Troubled Teen

It can be difficult to choose the right school for troubled teens as it can mean the difference between your teen progressing towards a successful future or not. Before you choose any school for troubled teens, be sure to ask about:

  1. Their therapeutic program

  2. How academics are ran

  3. What their program is best at treating

  4. If they have helped someone with your child’s problems

Our admission counselors are ready to answer all your questions, so feel free to contact us and start your troubled teen son down the right path.

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