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Medical Licensing For A Therapeutic Boarding School

Parents looking to place their troubled teen into qualified hands should take into account the medical licensing of the therapeutic boarding schools they are considering. At this time, there is no federal standard that requires therapeutic boarding schools to supply specific medical licensing.

Utah Medical Licensing Requirements For A Therapeutic Boarding School

One example of progressive legislation concerning the care and treatment of troubled teens comes from Utah. Thanks to Utah’s clear laws and guidelines regarding troubled teen therapeutic boarding schools, you can be assured that your teen will be helped by licensed professionals. Some of the laws and guidelines which cover staffing requirements are:

  1. Professional staff – Therapeutic facilities for troubled teens must provide a consulting psychiatrist or staff licensed clinical psychologist, licensed psychologists, and a licensed mental health therapist. The law also requires the director of the facility to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent training in human services and three years of management experience over a secure treatment center. This training means the director will have a great deal of experiencing in choosing the best therapists and psychologists to help teens.

  2. Staff training – All of the staff members that work directly with the troubled teens in the therapeutic boarding school need to be CPR certified and have first aid certifications.

  3. Staff-to-student ratio – For smaller therapeutic facilities like our school Sundance Canyon Academy, which fall into the 20-39 enrolled students bracket, there needs to be at least one professional staff member to care for these students. For unlicensed staff, the ratios need to be one staff member to five students.

Sundance Canyon Academy Goes Above And Beyond

To ensure that your troubled teen receives the help they need, Sundance Canyon Academy provides a highly-experienced staff of professionals beyond what is required by Utah state law. Currently, our professional staff consists of:

  1. Two clinical therapists, with both having obtained their Licensed Clinical Social Worker degree, along with being Certified Sex Addiction Therapists.

  2. One clinical director who is a qualified Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor.

  3. One nurse practitioner with almost 20 years of experience to care for the student’s’ health.

There are other excellent professional staff members who support Sundance Canyon Academy’s goal of helping troubled teens overcome their personal struggles, from the experienced teachers to the direct care staff. For more in-depth information on our program and qualifications, contact us today. One of our program advisors will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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