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Choose Quality Treatment That Gets Results for Your Teenager

Alarming as it is, the rise of mental health issues among adolescents is not surprising considering the overwhelming chaos of our current times. Parents, educators, and guidance counselors all are anxiously looking for professional, proven solutions to help struggling teens.

What was once thought to be a workable answer to troubled youth, so-called ‘tough love’ has been met with harsh results, begging the question, what’s better than tough love?  For one thing, boundary setting proves a positive first step. Adults are realizing that moving out of the way, allowing consequences, and letting the child feel the results of their actions can be a powerful lesson.

However, when a teen’s behavior does not improve or even gets worse, there’s an urgent need to do more. No parent who cares for their child’s well-being can sit idly by and see circumstances deteriorate as their child sinks deeper into troubled waters. 

The Proven Solution

Fortunately there is a place of “safe, proven, effective treatment” for youth in crisis with Sundance Canyon Academy. Sundance Canyon advocates for young men ages 13-17 on multiple levels. There is no one-size-fits-all. Each teen is provided customized treatment plans that fit their specific needs. The empathetic, individualized interaction between teens and our licensed professionals, results in maintaining an environment of trust, freedom of expression, and acceptance.

We at Sundance Canyon Academy recognize that a concern for privacy is often a consideration before enrolling your child. You can feel confident that we consider discretion a vital part of our program. We encourage families to not feel afraid of seeking treatment because of discretion concerns. The important thing is that when a teen who is struggling does not receive professional support, the risk of a mental health crisis looms large. Our mission is to help families and mental healthcare professionals know how to identify treatment programs which offer safe, effective, compassionate care, and positive, long lasting outcomes.

Many of the parents and their teens have shared comments with us. It's gratifying when we receive appreciation from both, expressing their thoughts about their experience with Sundance Canyon Academy:

"Words cannot adequately express our appreciation for the care and guidance you gave our son. All of you worked together as a team to help him find his way. Thank you!" Alumni Parent, CA

"Sundance Canyon did not change me. I changed myself. Thank you for the opportunity and your help!" Alumni Student, MI

Sundance Canyon Academy Advantages

  • Accreditation: Our academic curriculum is accredited through the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges. Any work your son completes at Sundance can be transferred to any other school, public or private. Our Education Director works closely with the school of your choice to make sure the academic transition is accurate and complete.

  • Therapeutic, Educational Practices: Our therapeutic, educational approach is an holistic model which increases students’ recognition and resiliency by identifying and addressing factors that fuel anxiety and poor choices. We provide specific skills, tools and practices for lifestyles that promote opportunity, self-respect and independence.

  • Qualified and Experienced Staff: We have clinicians with a wide variety of expertise and experience. All of them are Masters or PhD level. Our expertise includes Marriage & Family Therapy, Psychology, Social Work and Experiential outdoor education. Our team of professionals not only hold needed credentials, but are also experienced and passionate about working with youth.

  • Family Involvement: Therapists schedule weekly family therapy sessions. These sessions provide the opportunity for families to work through sensitive issues together and to support each other, prevent relapse, and plan for returning home after treatment. teaches parents with struggling teenagers, how to take meaningful action and make confident decisions for their family, while maintaining strong relationships with their teen.

  • Comfortable and Supportive Environment: Sundance maintains a family-style environment. Your son will have 1 or 3 roommates. We provide all the amenities of a regular home. We offer access to a recreation center with all the sports amenities and a pool. Students may also choose to take part in service projects, participate in group sports, outdoor recreation, music, or art projects. We are not a typical “lock-down” facility, even though the students may not leave. We prefer to call ourselves a “staff secure” facility. We have a minimum of 1 staff member to every 4 students, and are therefore able to spend valuable one-on-one time with those in need.

  • Communication:  During the first two weeks, there are no phone privileges outside of family therapy. Your son will be able to communicate more with family as he advances through the program. A minimum of one-phone call or letter per week to parents is allowed for each student. We require at least 1-campus visit and 1- family weekend experience before graduation.

  • Financial Options: Private education loans are available and may help defray your costs. For specific questions about costs and insurance, visit our Admissions page

  • Confidentiality: All information about the young men enrolled at Sundance Canyon Academy is completely confidential. Our discretion is guaranteed.

Sundance Canyon Academy offers quick, effective courses to teach parents the skills needed to help their struggling teen.  Learn more about available courses that will provide valuable knowledge for guiding your teen toward making better decisions.

Reach Out

Sundance Canyon Academy provides a supportive, expert environment where your child can grow, heal, and thrive. With our individualized approach, integrated range of therapies, and strong family involvement, we will guide your teen toward a healthier, happier future. Contact us for a free consultation at 866.241.3234 or go here for our application.

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