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Is Rehab Necessary For Teens Using Marijuana?

It’s far from unheard of for teens to try things like drugs and alcohol. However, it’s tough to know when your teen’s marijuana use has moved past experimentation and into addiction. You may be wondering if rehab is necessary for teens using marijuana. The answer is: maybe.

Teen addiction often starts with the common “gateway” substances like cigarettes, alcohol, and marijuana. If it is not addressed early, teenage substance abuse can progress into lifelong addiction problems. Residential treatment centers for teens are designed to help teenagers manage and overcome substance abuse and mitigate lifelong addiction risk.

Why is marijuana dangerous?

Today’s marijuana is not the same as it’s been in past decades. The potency of THC in today’s weed has gone up significantly from what it used to be. The weed that you may have gotten as a teenager in high school is very different from what today’s teens get. Marijuana plants are bred to be more potent, and the availability of weed has increased.

Today’s teens can use marijuana in various ways. They can still smoke it like in the past, but edible marijuana candies and marijuana vape pens have become more accessible. Because it’s so strong and easy to buy, teens are more likely to habitually use marijuana and develop further addiction issues.

Signs of teen marijuana use

Keep an eye out for the signs of marijuana use. If your teen is showing these signs, it’s time to address their behavior.

  1. Bloodshot eyes

  2. Giddiness

  3. Loss of balance or coordination

  4. Difficulty concentrating or remembering things

  5. Not following through with responsibilities

  6. Anxiety or paranoia

  7. Hallucinations

  8. Excessive sleepiness

  9. Depression

In many cases, several of these signs can go hand-in-hand. They can also range in severity based on the quantity and potency of the marijuana.

How to address teen marijuana use

If your teen is using marijuana, you need to address their behavior.

Set boundaries

Make it clear to your teen that drug use of any sort is not acceptable and that it will not be tolerated in your home. Tie specific consequences to breaking the rules to know exactly what to expect if they do use marijuana.

Educate them

Many teens don’t understand that the potency and delivery methods for weed have changed over the years. Educate your teen to make sure they know why marijuana use can be dangerous.

Clarify responsibilities

A typical result of teen drug use is a drop in performance at school and home. Because they spend so much energy either using weed or recovering from being high, they stop caring about their responsibilities. Clarify what you expect of your teen at school and at home and tie consequences to fulfilling those responsibilities.

Remain supportive

Remember that your teen is probably dealing with more than just wanting to get high. Teen drug use of all sorts typically coincide with peer pressure and wanting to be accepted by their peers. If your teen is starting to use marijuana, talk to them about their friends and be supportive if they are worried about being disliked by their peers.

When rehab is necessary for teens using marijuana

Plenty of teens try marijuana once or twice, realize that it’s not for them, and move on. For those who use it regularly, though, it can become habitual and problematic. If your teen’s marijuana use has gone beyond experimental or is interfering with their day-to-day life, rehab might be necessary.

Residential treatment centers for teens utilize individualized treatment plans focused on overcoming substance abuse. Marijuana addiction can be a combination of chemical dependency and poor coping skills. Many teens use marijuana as a way to mentally escape the stress of daily life. Teens need to overcome chemical addiction and learn positive coping skills that will help them in adulthood.

At Sundance Canyon Academy, our therapists are trained to work with teens experiencing substance abuse problems. We provide a safe, supportive environment where teens can detox from chemical dependence and learn to live healthy lives. Contact us today to find out if our treatment center is right for your teen son.

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