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Finding The Best Therapeutic Boarding School For Your Unique Son

If you are looking for the best therapeutic boarding school for your unique son, there are some things you can do to ensure that the school your troubled teen son goes to is the right fit for him.

Investigate Programs At Therapeutic Boarding Schools

The best therapeutic boarding schools will have similar base program offerings. These base programs are:

  1. Immersive therapy – Personal therapy sessions, family therapy, group therapy, and a variety of therapeutic modalities should be available at one of the best therapeutic boarding schools. These therapeutic programs should be immersive so your troubled son can receive all the help he needs.

  2. Intensive academics – Many troubled teen boys which attend therapeutic boarding schools have struggled academically. To catch them back up to their peers, the best of the boarding schools offer a high number of teachers and tutors to the number of students. That way, students can not only catch up academically but also excel.

  3. Physical engagement – Helping a troubled teen boy build himself up again into a healthy young man can require a lot of discipline. Many programs use sports and daily morning workouts to help troubled teen boys positively focus their energy.

While this doesn’t necessarily help you choose the best therapeutic boarding school right away, you can use the absence of these base programs as a way to eliminate unsuitable schools from your list. From there, you should investigate the extracurricular programs being offered by the therapeutic boarding schools which remain on your list of schools. Some of the extracurricular programs offered by Sundance Canyon Academy are:

  1. Culinary arts – Students learn about nutrition, cooking, kitchen and food safety, culinary terminology, proper sanitation, and how to cook different dishes.

  2. Expeditions – Helping to develop teamwork and providing opportunities to challenge themselves is the driving force behind expeditions,  whether it be rock climbing, backpacking, river running, and other outdoor challenges.

  3. Music – For those who are interested, there are a beginning and an advanced band at Sundance. For those not interested in playing an instrument, we have musical theory classes, where troubled boys can learn music composition, music analysis, musical history, and more.

Inquire About Enrollment Size Of Therapeutic School

If you want to be sure your son is receiving the attention he needs to make permanent, positive changes, then you will want to find a therapeutic boarding school with a limited enrollment. This can help ensure that your troubled teen boy will have a greater opportunity for one-on-one advisement and instruction. However, student body size is not the only measurement.

If the school has a good staff-to-student ratio, then it is likely that your son can also flourish in a therapeutic boarding school with a larger student body. Be sure to inquire the ratio of staff-to-student if the student body enrollment is on par with a regular private school.

Visit Therapeutic Boarding Schools Prior To Enrollment

Phone calls and websites can’t give you the same insight as a personal visit to a therapeutic boarding school. So, if you want to see if the therapeutic boarding school is the right fit for your unique son, then a personal visit prior to enrollment is key.

Sundance Canyon Academy welcomes family visits and creates personalized care plans for each enrolled student. For more information on what our program can do for your troubled teen boy and your family, contact us today.

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