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4 Ways Families Benefit When Teens Attend A Therapeutic Boarding School

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

It is easy to see how a troubled teen can benefit from attending a therapeutic boarding school. The teen will receive concentrated therapeutic help as the school also helps the teen progress academically, physically, and developmentally.

While your troubled teen receives all these advantages, your family will also experience 4 specific benefits from your teenager’s attendance at a therapeutic boarding school.

1. Enjoy Peace Of Mind With Your Teen At A Therapeutic Boarding School

By the time most parents choose to send their teens away to attend a therapeutic boarding school, the situation at home has become incredibly chaotic and stressful. Many troubled teens suffer from behavioral issues as well as mental illnesses, requiring much of their families’ time and resources be dedicated to their care.

Once you have entrusted your teen to a reputable therapeutic boarding school, you can finally feel at peace, knowing you have provided your child with a safe place to learn and heal.

2. Therapeutic Boarding Schools Offer Family Therapy

While your teen will receive individual therapy and participate in group therapy, your whole family will have the opportunity to come together and work through issues. Therapeutic boarding schools will usually offer weekly family therapy sessions as part of your son’s or daughter’s treatment plan.

These sessions will be led by your teen’s therapist, who will help facilitate positive growth and interaction. Through these sessions, your family will be able to learn new communication tactics and other skills, while addressing issues that have damaged the family due to your teen’s actions.

3. Family Can Reconnect While Your Troubled Teen Is Away

As mentioned earlier, attempting to help a troubled teen manage their disruptive behaviors often comes at a high cost to the family, both emotionally and physically. While your teen is at a therapeutic boarding school, the rest of your family can work on reconnecting.

For instance, if you have other children, they likely have felt neglected as much of their parents’ attention was required by their troubled sibling. With their siblings away, you can spend time one-on-one with your other children and reassure them of your affection.

Troubled teens can also take a huge toll on a marriage. Having your teen safely attending school will allow you and your spouse to reconnect and reinforce your relationship.

4. Healthy Relationships Can Be Built When Your Teen Returns

A major emphasis of therapeutic boarding schools is life skills that will help the attending teens reintegrate into society. With your teen armed with these new skills, it can be easier to work on building up a healthy relationship with your teen.

Here at Sundance Canyon Academy, we offer immersive therapeutic help for teenage boys ages 13-17. If you believe your son may benefit from attending our program, contact us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our program.

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