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Why Sundance Canyon Academy Is Your Best Choice In Utah For Therapeutic Boarding School

When parents search for the right therapeutic boarding school in Utah, they are looking for a specific list of qualities along with that special something that makes a facility stand out. At Sundance, we offer everything that you would expect in a therapeutic boarding school and so much more. We accept teen boys from the ages of 13 to 17 into our therapeutic program and address their behavioral and emotional problems.

Our Focus

Our licensed, residential treatment facility helps young men who are struggling with one or more of the following:

Academic challenges Depression Developmental delays and difficulties Anxiety Self-esteem Difficulty in social settings Substance abuse Family discord and Higher level functioning.

At our Utah Therapeutic Boarding School, we recognize that a holistic approach toward treatment incorporates all facets of the person. We look at ways to reduce anxiety and assist your son with decision-making skills. Our goal is to identify and then fill in gaps in skills and behaviors so that students will have the tools to be self-sufficient and productive when they complete the program.

How Our Program is Different

While most <a href=>Utah therapeutic boarding schools</a> use a behavior modification program, we focus on the reasons behind the behaviors and seek to address root issues, such as feelings of poor self-image or rejection.

The 7 Keys of Success

We focus on seven key areas that have been proven to help students change.

1. Education – When a student is successful academically, they learn how to develop the necessary skills to become a life-long learner, which contributes to a lifetime of success.

2. Therapy – We work on emotional issues through therapy, using communication, a focus on identity and commitment.

3. Recreation – Children need time away from their busy schedule and routine. We recognize the importance of play, team sports, friendly competition, and opportunities to engage in new activities.

4. Service – Young people will learn to care for others by giving back to the community.

5. Life Skills – Life skills are daily living skills that students will need when they get out into the real world. These help with overcoming life challenges so that they can effectively navigate relationships, work and career, community participation and negotiating with others.

6. Nutrition – Eating the proper foods helps with overall well-being and health.

7. Transition – Preparation as the student leaves the Utah therapeutic boarding school and takes his next steps into adulthood.

Additional Benefits at Sundance Canyon Academy

We offer the following additional benefits for students:

An average stay of six to nine months Credentialed and professional Parent advocacy groups to promote improved communication Family weekends Educators and therapists with Masters and Ph.D.s Weekly advisements, updates and progress reports Eight to ten hours of therapy for each student each week Professional assessments and testing A secure facility Additional therapy, including music, culinary and recreation An empathetic staff that connects with each student at their level in order to affect change and Medical and psychiatric treatment where needed.

How Our Program Works

We start with the final goal in order to most effectively help your son. Students move through four phases in our 16-bed home at Sundance Canyon Academy. This unique model allows your child to smoothly move through the stages of treatment, transition and then to home. The last two levels, fiven and six, are the final steps before your son graduates. Specific modules include alcohols and drugs, adolescent male development, adoption, anxiety and depression, attachment, trauma resolution and information processing skills.

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