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What Schools For Troubled Teens Can Do For Your Family

If your teen has been struggling with behavioral issues and not responding to any of your efforts to help him turn his life around, you may need to look into full time care in order to get him the help he needs. Such programs are designed for troubled teens that need a round the clock, intensive environment in which to make positive changes and get away from the triggers and temptations they deal with at home. Because issues like defiance, depression, substance abuse, self-harm and mental disorders can disrupt healthy adolescent development, it is important for teens to get help before they make decisions that could impact them for a lifetime. Understanding what these schools for troubled teens are able to provide can help you determine which facility will give your son the most effective experience.

What Can I Expect From Schools For Troubled Teens?

Upon arrival, each teen is interviewed and evaluated by an experienced therapist in order to determine an accurate baseline for his medical, behavioral, emotional and social needs. This assessment helps the staff to craft and maintain a plan of care that is individualized for your son’s unique combination of challenges. While the actual curriculum will change depending on the facility, most offer the usual help modalities like individual, group and family therapy; many also provide additional options like experiential or recreational therapy. More options mean that your troubled son will be fully engaged in a way that works for his level of development. Each teen learns how to balance work and play while practicing positive interaction with peers and authority figures. Facilities that include an accredited academic program will work with your son to ensure he is meeting his educational goals at a pace that works for him. The main objective of full time programs for troubled teens is to help them identify the root of their issues and address them for long term results. Real change happens from the inside out, not by simply managing the symptoms.

How Does My Family Benefit?

As you try to decide which full time therapeutic program is ideal for your son, remember that an additional advantage of schools for troubled teens is respite from the constant stress and worry you have been living with. Good schools work with both teens and their parents in order to make sure that the time apart is as effective as possible and that each party is working on positive changes and healthier communication. Once your son returns, you will be guided through the pitfalls of re-entry and returning to regular day to day life.

Full time schools for troubled teens are generally the final option for exhausted parents to help their child, so it is important that you carefully consider the pros and cons of each facility you are considering. While the idea of sending your son away from home can seem intimidating, or even heartbreaking, the right program can be life changing. Although there are many options throughout the country to choose from, we urge you to place the highest priority on safety, experience and accreditation.

Sundance Canyon Academy is a residential treatment center located in northern Utah. We are dedicated to helping troubled teen boys deal with their challenges and discover their potential through a unique relationship based therapy program. For questions about our program or a free consultation, please contact us today at 1-866-678-2425.

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