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What are the Best Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

What are the Best Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

Are you exhausted? Are the fights with your teen never ending? Have they lasted for months? Are you worried your teens behavior is causing major problems? If you’ve tried to figure it out on your own, but still can’t get to the bottom of it, therapeutic boarding schools could be a great option for you.

Therapeutic boarding schools take the teen out of the home, which gives both you and your child a chance to breathe, reflect, calm down and learn. They always give the teen support and guidance, but what about you? And what do they specialize in?

How do you know which are the best therapeutic boarding schools for you and your teen?

Read on to learn about some important aspects to focus on.

1. Academic Focus

When you enroll your teen in a therapeutic boarding school, you will be removing them from their normal school routine. It’s important to keep their academic learning moving forward, and by removing the mental and social pressures of the typical school setting. At Sundance Canyon Academy, we offer a rich and productive nationally accredited class setting and highly skilled, licensed instructors.

2. Balance

Good boarding schools help students manage their emotions, while great ones help them learn important life skills in the process, like the value of balancing work and play. Instructors and counselors should be trained to teach long-term skills to your child.

3. Strategy

When deciding what therapeutic boarding school to enroll your teen in, make sure you know that they have a strategy. How exactly are they going to help rehabilitate your teen? Here at Sundance Canyon, we’ve seen great success with our holistic, relationship-based therapeutic approach. We give your teen the opportunity to explore a variety of activities, including sports, cooking, art and music, while integrating personal and family counseling sessions.

4. Staff

Make sure the boarding school you enroll your teen in has skilled staff members trained to work with troubled teens, and are experienced and trained in depression, anxiety, anger and if applicable, substance abuse. This includes mediators, counselors and guides.

5. Individual and Parental Support

Time apart from your troubled teen allows you both to step back, reflect, set aside the walls you have built and look deep within. This fresh start reopens communication lines between you and your teen. While these fresh starts are waiting, it’s important to find a school that works with both of you on personal and communication skills, as well as assist in easing the transition back into “normal” life. You AND your teen need support during this entire process.

If you’re still questioning whether a therapeutic boarding school is the answer you and your teen? Do some research and ask questions – just don’t be afraid to ask for help. Here at Sundance Canyon Academy, we strongly believe in the long-term impact we can help have on your teenager, but only you can make the decision of what’s right for your child.

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