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Understanding What Teenage Boys Should Naturally Worry About


What’s going on in your teens mind? Some of us want to know, and some of us really don’t. But to communicate effectively with your teen, it helps to understand them. Being the parent of a teenager often guarantees big disagreements, big laughs and big confusion….like wondering what the heck is going on in their head.

Think of it this way: he’s transforming from video games and street ball to high school and responsibility. Big changes are happening, and he’s learning how to manage it all. Don’t be alarmed if he’s too busy to talk much while trying to figure out life as a teenage boy. Just know that if you want to successfully communicate with your teenage son you need to hold on, be open with your feelings, and be aware of what he’s really thinking about:

  1. Sex. Teenage boys, at some point, will begin exploring their sexuality… don’t be alarmed. It is typically top of mind for quite some time. Sometimes that means flirting with girls at school, sometimes that means watching porn…and the list goes on. It is so important for you to keep in mind that this is normal.

  2. Adulthood. Believe it or not, your teenage son is often trying to be mature and grow into what he thinks an adult is, or should be. Sometimes this effort is misinterpreted… For example, he may think being an adult means being independent, and being independent means making all of his own decisions and that can be awfully frustrating for any parent.

  3. Manhood. Right now, your son probably feels stuck in a never-ending awkward stage. The females around him are maturing at a faster rate, and his male peers are probably giving each other a hard time. Bare with him during this stage. After all, you probably went through this too. His body is changing, his voice cracking, and puberty is causing pimples and weird feelings. It is so important for you, as his parent, to be accepting of him during this stage.

Often times, we don’t give teenage boys enough credit. They’re dealing with the pressures of peers to be cool, of the world to be a “man,” and of women to be a gentleman. It’s only reasonable for this to feel overwhelming. As the parent of a teenage boy, make things easier on both of you by being aware of what’s really going on in your sons life.

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