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Treating Depression At A School For Troubled Teens

Raising a teenager is already challenging, but when your troubled teen needs treatment for depression, it may be time to look for professional help.

Recognizing The Signs Of Deep Teenage Depression

It can be challenging to know when your teen is truly struggling with depression. The teenage years are a rollercoaster, as teens are growing into their own sense of individuality, physical changes, and hormones running rampant. Some warning signs that your teen is fighting against depression, look for these clues:

  1. A drastic change in appearance, whether due to hygiene neglect or extreme style of dressing.

  2. Abusing substances to cope with their feelings of depression.

  3. Severe changes in eating habits, both restrictive or binge eating, can be signs of depression.

  4. No longer interested in their former activities and hobbies, with no new ones to take their place.

  5. Over- or under-sleeping while being resistant to changing behavior.

  6. Social withdrawal from friends and family.

  7. Plummeting grades in school when your teen was previously a good student

When you have exhausted all your resources at home, and your teen is still struggling with some of the above signs, it may be time to consider a specialized boarding school for troubled teens.

How A School For Troubled Teens Helps Teens Overcome Depression

Once other resources have been unable to help your teenager recover from their depression, it may be time to investigate what a school for troubled teens can do to help your son or daughter overcome their depression. Some of the services available at Sundance Canyon Academy which helps teens break through their depression are:

  1. Individual care plan – At our school for troubled teens, each student enrolled in our program will have an individual care plan designed for their needs. Everyone who will be involved in their care, from their assigned therapist to their direct care staff, will be able to coordinate your teen’s treatment for optimal effect.

  2. Daily immersive therapy – Along with the one-on-one time your teen will spend with their therapist, your troubled teen will also have some form of therapy every day to participate in, such as group therapy and experiential therapy.

  3. Opportunities to grow and reflect – To help your teen focus on other things beyond their depression, there will be opportunities for them to grow and reflect on who they are as well as who they want to become. We provide service opportunities to help our students grow in selflessness and build a greater understanding of the world in need around them. Enrolled teens will also have dedicated enrichment time and will work on assigned therapy exercises.

  4. Academic assistance – Many teens fall into depression when they fall behind their peers academically. To help teens overcome any academic hurdles, we provide an accredited educational program with state-licensed teachers and small classes so that every student can receive the help they need.

Here at Sundance Canyon Academy, we assist troubled teenage boys ages 13-17 overcome a variety of challenges. From depression to anger management and other behavioral disorder, our therapeutic school for troubled teens can help your son bring his life back onto the right course. Contact us today to talk with a program advisor and learn more about how Sundance can help your son.

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