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Therapeutic Boarding Schools In Utah Can Help Teens See The Changes Needed


You have invested energy, money and time into your child in hopes that he would change. In addition, teachers and other adults have poured into him as well.

Qualities that Teens Respect in Adults

Parents and invested adults can do much to help teens change. A study in Psychology Today reported that young people look up to adults with the following qualities:

  1. An ability to motivate others

  2. Integrity and a strong set of morals

  3. A commitment to others in the community as opposed to being self-centered

  4. Invested interest in others and

  5. The ability to persevere and overcome challenges.

Even when a young person has wonderful role models, he might wander down a path toward possible self-destruction and need outside help in order to become the best version of himself. While you can’t minimize the benefits of having invested adults in his life, he might need to attend a therapeutic boarding school in order to overcome the struggles that he faces.

Signs that Your Teen Might Need Professional Help

Your young person is probably testing the boundaries, which is a normal part of exploring independence as he matures. However, if he is moving past the usual limits and starting to explore dangerous behaviors, he could need additional intervention. The following signs indicate the severity of the issue:

  1. Disrespect and rebellion

  2. A change in eating habits and concerns about disorders, including anorexia, bulimia and obesity

  3. A sudden drop in grades

  4. A lack of interest in activities

  5. Isolation

  6. Extreme changes in appearance

  7. Withdrawing from the family

  8. Depression and thoughts of suicide

  9. Drastic changes in sleeping patterns

  10. New friends who seem to be a negative influence

  11. Possible experimentation with drugs or alcohol

  12. Running away from home

  13. Petty theft of your belongings

  14. Internet or gaming addictions or

  15. Risky and dangerous behaviors.

How Boarding School Helps Troubled Teens

Here are specific ways that a therapeutic boarding school can help your troubled teen.

  1. Providing a safe and structured environment – Your adolescent needs the security of a safe environment to help him feel secure. Routine and structure, through a set schedule with some free time, provide discipline.

  2. Engaged staff who care about your child – The staff should be invested in helping your child succeed.

  3. Parental roles – Parents are an integral part of the program as we cannot succeed without their involvement.

  4. Peer support – Your son is not alone in his journey; he has numerous peers who are walking this road with him.

  5. Intentional time address his problems – No matter the issue, a therapeutic boarding school can focus on his struggles through individual and group counseling.

  6. Learning how to take ownership for choices – Taking ownership for choices instills a feeling of power and control over their personal life. When a student learns this principle, he will hopefully be less likely to give up that control to another person, which can help him set healthy boundaries.

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