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Therapeutic Boarding School for Boys with Suppressed Depression

Depression is a confusing and scary condition, particularly when it affects teenage boys. The feelings of unexplainable sadness and lack of feelings all together can often be too much for boys to take. If the mental illness is diagnosed, it can be treated through psychiatry and/or medications to allow your son to live a normal life.

If it’s not diagnosed, it can result in behavioral problems. Teenage boys often become defiant or withdrawn as a method of dealing with their condition. They may also start bullying other kids or getting in fights. These signs are all cries for help.

Therapeutic Boarding School for Boys with Suppressed Depression

Teenage Boys with Suppressed Depression

Oftentimes, a teenage boy may need treatment for depression, but neither he nor the parents realize it. Teenage boys in particular have a hard time admitting they need help. Furthermore, they often feel that crying or experiencing sad emotions is a sign of weakness. Therefore, they may try to mask or hide their depression so that you don’t realize it’s a problem.

Boys are less likely to have depression than girls as well. This can lead to a belief that because their friends don’t have problems with depression, it’s not normal to experience it. When this is the case, they’ll often try to suppress their depression.

Some signs that your teenage son may have depression, even though he’s hiding it include:

  1. Frequent complaints about being tired

  2. Irritability and defiant speech

  3. Behavioral problems at home or school

  4. Difficulty responding to affection or concern from parents

  5. Disinterest in activities once loved or enjoyed otherwise

  6. Withdrawal from social life

  7. Sudden poor school performance

  8. Change in eating habits

Some of these symptoms can be a result of other things, but it’s still important to have him tested for depression. You can’t help your son until you know the cause and treatment options available.

Treatment Options

Depression cannot be cured. Therefore, words like “healing” and “recovery” can be misleading. Your son will have depression for the rest of his life, but he can receive treatment. Oftentimes, it takes several tries to find the right treatment options for someone diagnosed with depression, but those who continue their efforts find effective results in the end.

Most teenagers with depression use a combination of therapeutic treatments and medications to achieve normalcy. Single therapy or group therapy sessions can be very useful in helping your son to understand the condition and what he needs to do for improvement.

Therapeutic boarding schools have also proven to help teenage boys find normalcy when they’re struggling with depression. When placed in such a system, boys find they have endless resources at their disposal, including parental support, a healthy balance between work and play, catered academics, individualized care, and group therapy that can help boys overcome their difficulties.

Sundance Canyon Academy is one therapeutic boarding school that offers all that and more. For more information, contact us!

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