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 Residential Treatment Centers For Troubled Boys In Wisconsin

Parenting a teen with behavioral issues can be one of the most frustrating and painful aspects of parenting. If your teen boy is struggling and has failed to respond to any of your attempts to help him, then you may need to consider more intensive intervention. Although you would probably prefer to select one of the residential treatment centers for troubled boys in Wisconsin, there may be a better solution. When it comes to your child’s emotional health, you want to place him in the best possible environment, no matter where it is located. Some of the benefits of out of state facilities are:

  1. New and challenging surroundings where teens can immerse themselves in a therapeutic environment that is free from the temptations and distractions they usually associate with their home and peer group. Each boy has the benefit of a clean slate on which to reinvent himself.

  2. Parents and teens can take a supervised break from daily interaction and their negative cycle of communication. Each party can use the time apart to focus on individual challenges and gain the skills they need to repair their relationship.

  3. Exhausted parents are able to get some respite from the constant worry and stress of helping their teen, while he is in a safe environment designed to help him learn to make healthier choices.

  4. The standard of care in teen help programs varies from state to state because the laws and regulations are unique to each. Utah currently has the most comprehensive laws in the nation overseeing their full time programs and parents throughout the country are eager to place their sons in some of the most high quality facilities available.

Sundance Canyon Academy Is Unique

Sundance Canyon Academy, located in northern Utah, has long been a more effective option than residential treatment centers for troubled boys in Wisconsin. Some of the things we offer that make us unique are:

  1. We have created a unique relationship based therapy program that allows boys to determine what their core issues are and work on them to heal from the inside out. Most programs employ behavior modification therapy, which only addresses the symptoms.

  2. We provide an academic program that is accredited and overseen by qualified instructors and tutors. Each student can work at his own pace toward graduation.

  3. We offer recreation, music and experiential therapies in addition to the usual group, individual and family modalities. Each student is able to get a well-rounded experience that caters to his individual needs and healing style.

  4. Our popular Aftercare program helps teens and their parents with the transition back into day to day life. Regular support helps families maintain all the hard work they have done and produces longer lasting results.

Sundance Canyon Academy Is Here For You

We know that dealing with a troubled teen has been a painful and intimidating process. While a residential treatment center for troubled boys in Wisconsin would keep your son closer to home, we encourage you to place the highest priority on placing him in a facility that is as safe and experienced as possible.

For further details about our program or a consultation about your son, please contact us at (866) 640-1899. We look forward to helping your family get back on track.

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