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Residential Treatment Centers For Troubled Boys In Minnesota

Dealing with a teen that has severe behavioral issues can deplete you both emotionally and physically. If nothing you do seems to help him turn his life around, it may be time to consider a more intensive environment for him. Although your first choice is likely one of the residential treatment centers for troubled boys in Minnesota, we want you to know that there are many options throughout the country that might be a better fit for your family. Some of the benefits of selecting a facility a little further from home are:

  1. An opportunity for teens to work full time on the changes they need to make in surroundings that are new and challenging. Teens can be free of the burden of old triggers and temptations while they start over with a clean slate.

  2. Families are able to get some distance from the power struggles and fights about discipline. Each party is supervised during interaction to make sure that they are learning effective and correct methods for communication.

  3. Troubled boys are safely monitored and cared for in a supportive facility while their parents get some respite from the constant worry and intense stress. While they recover, their son is guided and coached toward making more positive choices.

Sundance Canyon Academy Is Uniquely Qualified To Help You

Sundance Canyon Academy is has long been a more effective option than the residential treatment centers for troubled teens in Minnesota for many reasons. Our program has a greater history of long term success than any other kind. Some of the reasons for this are:

  1. We have developed a holistic, strength based therapy method that encourages boys to find and fix the root of their issues. Most programs use behavior modification therapy to manage only the symptoms of the problem.

  2. A wide variety of therapy modalities help the staff to create a plan of care that is unique to every student’s need and learning style. We know that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to healing.

  3. Our intimate facility is small enough to mimic the home environment. Not only does this help students practice healthy interaction in a family style setting, but it also provides ample opportunity for regular one-on-one time with therapists and counselors.

  4. Our outstanding academic program is fully accredited and run by licensed instructors and tutors. Each boy is able to work toward graduation at a pace that works for him.

  5. Each teen help facility is subject to the licensing and safety laws of the state it resides in. Many facilities throughout the United States do not have the highest standards for licensing and safety. We are located in northern Utah, which has the most comprehensive laws in the country governing therapeutic programs. Parents everywhere are eager to take advantage of some of the most high quality options available.

Sundance Canyon Academy Is Here To Support You

We know that sending your child away from home is scary and intimidating and we want to help you navigate the process so you can feel confident with your choice. Although the residential treatment centers for troubled boys in Minnesota would be ideal in order to keep him close to home, we encourage you to explore the many options throughout the country so you can be sure you have chosen the best fit.

For further questions about our program or a consultation about your son, please contact us at (801) 675-8101.

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