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Residential Treatment Centers For Troubled Boys In Louisiana

Once you have decided to send your troubled teen to a full time care facility, you must then select a program that will be both safe and a good fit for his needs. While the first places you research are likely to be residential treatment centers for troubled boys in Louisiana, we encourage you to not limit yourself to only nearby facilities. There are many advantages to sending your son to a program a little further from home, including:

  1. The opportunity to start over fresh in surroundings that are new and challenging. When removed from the triggers and temptations they associate with home, teens can focus solely on making positive changes.

  2. Teens and their parents can get a break from the constant fighting and power struggles while they each work on their individual challenges. Coached by experienced therapists, both parties will learn how to communicate more effectively and develop a better relationship.

  3. Full time facilities provide secure housing and regular monitoring for troubled teens, while their parents get some respite from the constant stress and worry. While they recover, they can relax knowing that their son is supported and guided by caring professionals dedicated to helping him turn his life around.

Sundance Canyon Can Help You

These are just a few of the reasons why Sundance Canyon Academy has helped more teens than the residential treatment centers for troubled boys in Louisiana. Located in northern Utah, we have developed the ideal environment for boys struggling with behavioral issues like depression, defiance, substance abuse, anxiety and mental disorders. We have designed a relationship based therapy program that encourages boys to pinpoint the root of their challenges and work on healing from the inside out. Most facilities use behavior modification therapy techniques, which only address the symptoms of the greater problem. Through a curriculum that includes life skills opportunities, a variety of therapy modalities and an accredited academic program, we are able to craft a plan of care that is unique to each student based on his issues and healing style. When it comes to safety, accreditation and licensing, Utah has the most comprehensive laws in the nation governing their teen help programs.

Sundance Canyon Can Give You Confidence

We know that the prospect of picking the right program is intimidating and we want to help you navigate the process so you can feel confidence in your choice. Although the residential treatment centers for troubled boys in Louisiana would be ideal in terms of location, we encourage you to consider all of your options and place the highest priority on safety and experience.

For further information about our unique program or a consultation about your son’s needs, please contact us at (801) 675-8101. We look forward to talking with you and helping you determine the best solution for your family.

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