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Quality Education and Effective Counseling at Residential Treatment Centers

Short-term programs—ranging from in-patient care to boot camps—are stop-gap measures that some parents try to help their teenagers back onto the right path. But, for deep-seated issues, quick fixes are not the answer. For teenagers who need long-term care to get back on track, residential treatment centers for troubled teens are what is needed.

While we can’t speak for all residential treatment centers, here at Sundance Canyon Academy, we do our best to help our students grow into healthy and productive young adults. Our program works exclusively with teenage boys, ages 13-14. We provide our attending students with immersive therapy, a quality accredited education, life skills learning, and so much more to ensure that your teen can become the person you always knew they could be.

Incoming Students Are Individually Assessed

Every teenage boy who is enrolled in Sundance is individually assessed, as every student will have a unique combination of needs. An individual care plan will be designed to address his needs, ranging from therapeutic methods to academic needs.

With careful attention paid to where each boy needs improvement, we can help them make up the gaps in their personal and academic development.

Sundance Provides Quality Therapeutic Program

Our therapeutic program is the backbone of our residential treatment center, as we believe that underneath the troubling behaviors is a child who needs help.

In many cases, trauma is the root of poor behaviors, whether it is emotional trauma—i.e., parents divorce, death of close family or friends, etc.—or physical trauma—i.e., bullied, adopted from an abusive home, etc. These things can also be triggers for mental illness, which also needs to be addressed by a mental health professional.

At Sundance, we have several certified therapists who specialize in working with troubled teens. These professionals provide a range of therapeutic practices from traditional talk therapy to cognitive behavioral therapy. Also, teens attending Sundance will participate in group therapy as well as experiential therapy on a regular basis.

Nationally Accredited Educational Program Implemented

When it comes to education, here at Sundance Canyon Academy, we take our students’ academic success seriously. Our educational program is nationally-accredited, which means our students graduate with a high school diploma, not a GED. For students who end up going home before graduation, they are able to matriculate and have credits from Sundance transfer.

We employ state-licensed teachers as well as tutors to help our students succeed. Class sizes are also small to help ensure that individual instruction can be given if a student struggles with the material.

Troubled Teenage Boys Are Prepared To Graduate And Succeed

Combining education with therapeutic needs is the backbone of Sundance Canyon Academy. Along with these things, we do our best to prepare our students for life outside of our residential treatment center. These things usually fall under the label of life skills—from emphasizing proper hygiene to learning leadership skills. Because we want to help troubled teen boys become successful young men.

When you are ready to talk to one of our program advisors about Sundance and see if your son is a good fit for our program, feel free to contact us. We are ready to answer any questions you may have and are happy to help in any way we can.

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