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No Need To Worry, Find A High School For Troubled Teens


Parenting a teen that is severely troubled can lead to worry, stress and frustration for you and an impaired ability to make good decisions for him. Although there are always outpatient options you can try, some teens need to be placed in a more restrictive and therapeutic environment, away from the usual triggers and temptations before they can be open to change. Facilities such as residential treatment centers or therapeutic boarding schools are essentially a high school for troubled teens. In these programs, they are able to maintain their educational goals, while getting the intensive help they need from therapists and counselors. Full time options offer secure and supportive surroundings while teens are coached toward developing the tools they need for a healthier and more successful future.

What Happens At Residential Treatment Centers?

Residential treatment centers assess each student upon arrival in order to create a baseline for his strengths, weaknesses and needs. This assessment allows the staff to create a plan of care that is specific to the skills and goals each teen needs to accomplish. While most treatment plans include the basic therapy modalities, like group, individual and family sessions. Many also offer options like recreational or experiential therapies in addition to academics and life skills opportunities. Therapeutic programs help teens through a combination of support, guidance and firm rules and schedules. They do not elicit change through intimidation or fear.

What Should I Look For In A Residential Treatment Center?

As you research your options, keep in mind that by the time you have made the decision to place your son in a treatment program, you are also in need of some care. Many parents don’t realize that one of the benefits of full time facilities is the respite it offers them. For the first time in months, or even years, parents have someone else to help shoulder the burden of helping their teen turn his life around. The right program can be life changing for your son and offer peace of mind for you. As you rest and regroup, you will be more prepared to support your son in maintaining his hard work once he returns home. Do keep in mind that not every state has the same standards when it comes to teen help programs. Look for a facility that maintains a high standard when it comes to licensing, experience and safety. Utah is currently the state with the most comprehensive laws in the nation. The decision to send your son away, even temporarily, can be daunting; however, remember that some teens need a more isolated environment in order to focus on gaining the skills they truly need for life long success.

Sundance Canyon Academyis a residential treatment center located in northern Utah. We offer a unique relationship based therapy model that helps troubled teen boys identify the root of their issue and overcome it from the inside out. Many programs only focus on the symptoms with behavior management methods. Contact us today at 1-866-678-2425 for a consultation.

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