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Moving Forward with Age Appropriate Communication with Your Troubled Teen

Moving Forward with Age Appropriate Communication with Your Troubled Teen

When boys are young, it’s not uncommon for them to be told they shouldn’t cry. This is a confusing message and ultimately teaches young men to suppress their hurt feelings which can actually lead to some significant negative health effects for your son. When boys are instructed not to let their feelings show, they’re very unlikely to express their feelings or know how appropriately to express them as they get older. For youth diagnosed with different mental health conditions such as depression, this inability to share feelings can make the condition more difficult to manage.

Boys Can Share Their Feelings and Still Be “Men”

Social and cultural pressure may mandate that in order to appear “manly” boys can’t share what they’re feeling. But in reality, our society calls daily for men to share their feelings and overcome some of the emotional obstacles that face them. Women want sensitive men who are willing to express themselves and be in tune with their partner’s emotions. Social settings, state, and federal laws require men to manage their emotions when they are angry or upset. It’s important that instead of suppressing difficult emotions, we teach boys and young men how to recognize their feelings and how to control them.

Men who have learned how to appropriately regulate and share their feelings develop better emotional stability. Males diagnosed with depression and who are able to express themselves have a much easier time coping, both on medication and off. They know how to clearly verbalize how the treatments are affecting them and live a higher quality of life. This is a very important part of treatment for any emotional or mental disorder.

It Starts Young

Boys grow into teens who grow into men. It’s a long refining process. But their ability to express emotion must start from a young age, preferably in their childhood.

According to a Stanford study that observed four and five year old boys over the course of two years, those who were emotionally open and vulnerable were able to cultivate more meaningful relationships and grow up with more stability. Even those who developed depression later on were able to handle the emotional instability better because they had developed a habit of sharing their feelings early on.

Help Your Son Find Emotional Stability at Sundance Canyon Academy

Some young men struggle with this skill more than others. With the help of Sundance Canyon Academy, your son can learn how to work through his emotional difficulties and building longer lasting relationships with boys in similar situations. For more information about what we do, call today at (866) 678-2425.

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