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Military Schools and Boot Camps in Wisconsin

When teenagers who live in Wisconsin start behaving badly and negatively affecting those around them, many parents wonder where their formerly sweet child has disappeared to. From aggression, defiance and moodiness to self-harm, substance abuse and even violence, troubled teens who constantly make poor choices when it comes to school, friends and family need professional therapy to get back on track. Many parents turn to military schools and boot camps in Wisconsin in search of answers on how to help their troubled teen boys and girls.

The best military schools and boot camps in Wisconsin and other states can provide safe and supportive surroundings where teens learn how to overcome their challenges and make positive changes in their behavior. But Wisconsin parents shouldn’t feel limited to military schools and boot camps in Wisconsin. In fact, sometimes placing troubled teens in facilities outside the state actually is a benefit.

Sundance Academy is a Utah facility that is dedicated to helped hundreds of teenagers and their parents as they search for military schools and boot camps across the country.

When Do Teens Need Military Schools or Boot Camps in Wisconsin?

It’s all too common for teenagers to rebel against their parents as they try to exercise their independence. That’s why Wisconsin parents should get familiar with the differences between typical issues and real problems that need intervention. Here are some signs that it may be time to check out military schools and boot camps in Wisconsin:

  1. Hyper aggressive

  2. Skipping school

  3. Running away

  4. Destructive

  5. Physically or verbally abusive

  6. Using drugs or alcohol

  7. Self-harming

  8. Lying, stealing and vandalism

  9. Attempting suicide

Parents who are worried that their teen may be endangering their future, others or themselves must get enough information to choose a military school or boot camp that will stop the downward cycle. Sundance Academy is an excellent option and has years of success in helping boys get the therapeutic, academic and social help they desperately need.

Why Choose Sundance Academy?

Parents searching for military schools and boot camps in Wisconsin may not know that Sundance Academy accepts troubled teens from all across the country. Here are 5 reasons why Sundance Academy is a top teen help facility that Wisconsin parents should consider:

  1. It provides therapy from licensed and experienced therapists, counselors, group leaders and more who know how to help teens with issues like ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, abuse trauma, low self-esteem, bipolar, substance abuse and other emotional, mental and physical issues.

  2. It has a strong academic component, with an accredited academic program.

  3. It ensures teens are adequately nourished with healthy meals and fitness programs.

  4. It runs a life skills program that includes cooking and music.

  5. It ensures that teens learn to enjoy life with a robust adventure and recreation therapy program.

  6. It is located in northern Utah, which helps remove troubled teens from their current negative atmosphere in Wisconsin.

There’s no doubt about it, parents who are searching for military schools and boot camps in Wisconsin can find just what they are looking for at Sundance Academy. Wisconsin parents who are interested in more information on how Sundance Academy can help their troubled teen should call (866) 640-1899.

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