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Military Schools and Boot Camps in Louisiana

Troubled teens often behave in rebellious, aggressive and defiant ways. Too often, they put themselves or others in danger as a result. Louisiana parents of troubled teens who want to help their children turn their lives around often research military schools and boot camps in Louisiana.

Immersing a troubled teen in a healing environment far from home can often be just the thing that starts them on the path toward recovery. Military schools, boot camps, residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools are all valid programs to give troubled teens professional help and therapy.

Sundance Academy is an excellent alternative for parents to consider instead of military schools and boot camps on Louisiana. Similar to military school, Sundance Academy provides the structure, support, activities and experienced  staff members who know how to help troubled teens change their behavior from negative to positive.

How do Military Schools and Boot Camps in Louisiana Help Teens?

Some of the things that Louisiana teens currently deal with include:

  1. 15.8% Louisiana children between ages 4-17 are diagnosed each year with ADD/ADHD.

  2. Louisiana ranks 6th in the country for teen pregnancy with 4,625 babies born to women under 20 in 2016.

  3. Louisiana ranks 30th in the country for teen suicide.

  4. A 2017 report showed that 13% of Louisiana teens abuse alcohol and 13% are binge drinking. Marijuana use among Louisiana teens was 37% and other illicit drug use was at 10%.

  5. Juvenile arrests in Louisiana in 2017 included 204 arrests for aggravated assault, 49 arrests for robbery, 891 arrests for larceny, 362 arrests for drug abuse and 106 for weapons violations.

  6. Louisiana reported a 77.5% high school graduation rate for the 2014-2015 year.

Teen help programs help teens by removing them from their current environment, where stress, bad habits, negative interactions and evidence of failure often keeps kids down and prevents them from making any significant changes to their downward spiral. A long-term residential facility can effectively push back the old life and shine a light on the path the teens need to take to move forward without all that baggage.

A critical component of helping Louisiana’s troubled teens is a therapy program with licensed and experienced professionals who have experience in adolescent issues. Individual, group and family counseling is imperative in getting troubled teens the healing and growth necessary to transition to adulthood.

A good teen help facility like military school, boot camp or residential treatment center should also focus on academics, using licensed instructors who can work one-on-one with troubled teens and keep them moving forward with their grade level expectations and testing.

Sundance Academy is a wonderful facility that brings together all these components to help Louisiana teens move forward instead of slide backward.

Can Sundance Academy Help Teens?

Sundance Academy has a unique program designed to help both parents and teens go from initial treatment to transitioning back into society. While some military schools and boot camps in Louisiana and other states may provide short-term solutions, Sundance Academy has helped hundreds of troubled teens find their way back home.

Sundance Academy incorporates 5 components into its successful program to help troubled teens:

  1. Education via an accredited program that is taught by licensed professionals.

  2. Therapy to overcome deep-seated issues and learn healthy coping skills.

  3. Health and fitness programs that range from nutrition, meal planning and exercise.

  4. Outdoor recreation therapy so teens can boost self esteem, build relationships, compete and enjoy life.

  5. Life skills programs that foster increased independence, maturity and teamwork.

Sundance Academy is accepting troubled teens from across the country and may just be the perfect solution for Louisiana parents who are not finding what they want from military schools and boot camps in Louisiana. For more information on Sundance Academy and how it helps troubled teens please call (866) 640-1899.

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