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Military Schools and Boot Camps in Kentucky

All parents want what is best for their children, whether they are toddlers or teenagers. When a teen in Kentucky begins behaving badly, acting out and endangering themselves and others, many parents don’t know where to turn for help.

Military schools and boot camps in Kentucky may seem like the obvious answer, and teen help facilities can do amazing things with troubled teens. Kentucky parents who are interested in long-term, residential treatment centers that specialize in adolescent problems have many resources and options to choose from.

Sundance Academy is a teen help facility that accepts troubled teens from all over the country, including Kentucky. No matter where teens are from, they can really benefit from the professional help available. Identifying a teen’s actual problems and working through the proper steps to overcome them is what Sundance Academy is all about.

Will Military Schools and Boot Camps in Kentucky Work On Teens?

Kentucky parents of troubled teens often want a quick fix and have their child’s problems all go away, but in this difficult time, it’s important to know that for lasting results, troubled teens must attend a residential facility for more than a few weeks. If teens are dealing with issues like ADHD, ADD, anxiety, bipolar, depression, substance abuse, abuse trauma, oppositional defiant disorder, adoption or abandonment issues, mental illness and low self-esteem, they have a long road ahead in meeting and beating these obstacles. Time in a reputable facility with qualified professionals is a teen’s best chance.

Teen residential facilities work because they take teens out of their current, negative environment and place them in a safe and secure atmosphere. Without the distractions of normal life, teens can better keep up with their schooling, attend therapy regularly and meet new people and enjoy new experiences. Dedicated staff members help structure these positive changes in teen lives.  Sundance Academy is a viable option for troubled teens in Kentucky.

Can Sundance Academy Help Teens?

No matter what kind of problems teens go through, Sundance Academy can help. the unique program incorporates several different factors that work together to create an effective process to turn teen lives around and launch them into adulthood where they are most likely to find success.

Sundance Academy focuses on 3 key aspects of health, hope and healing:

  1. Nutrition, fitness and adventure–Teens learn more about how to be healthy through diet and exercise, plus there are a range of adventure and outdoor activities to enjoy.

  2. Life skills and academics–Teens develop the abilities, both physical and mental–that they need to become independent and move to the next phase, whether that is work, college or something else.

  3. Therapy and counseling–Teens get individual and group therapy regularly to determine the root cause of any mental illness, emotional pain or other challenge.

Sundance Academy is the right place for Kentucky teens to discover what kind of person they want to be, put their past behind them and move forward into the young adult world with health, confidence and compassion. For more information on how Sundance Academy works and what the program entails, please call (866) 640-1899.

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