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Military Schools and Boot Camps in Iowa

Iowa parents who are looking for military schools and boot camps in Iowa are seeking a teen help facility that will provide professional, lasting help to their troubled teen. When teens go from typical moodiness and rebellion to destructive behavior and harm to self or others, it’s time for parents to take action and get their child the help they need to stop the descent into serious problems. Often, the best solution is to remove teens form the current environment and enroll them in a safe, structured environment staffed with professionals trained in helping adolescents.

Sundance Academy is an excellent alternative to military schools and boot camps in Iowa. This residential treatment center specializes in long-term solutions for troubled teens who struggle with issues like anxiety, ADD/ADHD, bipolar, abuse trauma, adoption and abandonment issues, substance abuse, depression, anger issues and more.

Do Military Schools and Boot Camps in Iowa Really Work?

The reason that teen help facilities like military schools, boot camps, residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools work is because the teens are removed from bad friends, tired parents and other negative aspects of their lives. They are then enrolled in a safe, supportive place where they attend therapy, concentrate on school and gain real-world experience on how to interact with others. Plus, they participate in all kinds of interesting and challenging recreation activities. Trained and licensed staff members create personal treatment plans for each teen to make sure they are focusing on all underlying issues like mental health or emotional problems. All in all, troubled teens from Iowa can turn their lives around while attending one of these teen help facilities.

Sundance Academy is an ideal place for troubled teens from Iowa, even though it is located in Utah. Often, there are more benefits to Iowa teens who leave the state for treatment because it gives them a chance to start over, stay far away from bad influences and exposes them to another part of the country.

Why Choose Sundance Academy?

Parents who choose Sundance Academy over military schools and boot camps in Iowa are always pleased to hear that it maintains some of the highest standards in the industry. Because Sundance Academy is located in Utah, one of the toughest states in the country for rules and regulations of the teen help industry, parents can have peace of mind knowing that the facility not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Iowa parents who have done their research often find that Sundance Academy definitely meets the needs of their troubled teen. Sundance Academy’s successful program centers on 5 aspects:

  1. Therapy. Individual and group therapy are a key part of helping troubled teens get to the root cause of their issues and start the healing process.

  2. Academics. Teens who fail in school will not achieve their goals in adulthood, so licensed teachers are on hand to ensure that troubled teens stay up with their peers and get individualized help with schoolwork.

  3. Recreation. A number of outdoor and recreational activities are just waiting for teens and they are designed to build self-esteem, introduce teamwork and let teens discover new hobbies and passions.

  4. Life skills. Transitioning from teen to adult is difficult, and learning life skills like cooking, finances and more gives teens even more independence and a greater chance of success.

  5. Transition help. Going from the  supportive environment of a teen help center to the real world is hard, but when a transition program is in place it becomes a natural and successful process.

Sundance Academy has helped hundreds of troubled teens transform from rebellious and hurting to strong and enthusiastic. Iowa parents who want to learn more about sending their troubled teen to Sundance Academy can call (866) 640-1899.

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