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How To Find The Best Schools For Troubled Teens


Parents dealing with troubled teens must often extend all their ingenuity trying to figure out how to help their son turn his life around. Issues like depression, defiance, substance abuse and mental issues can wreak havoc within the family and a teen’s ability to emotionally develop in a healthy way. If you feel that you have done everything you can and don’t know where else to turn, it may be time to consider a program that can give him the immersive healing environment you can’t provide at home.

Full Time Teen Help Facilities Help Boys Get Their Lives Back On Track

Schools for troubled teens such as residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools are generally the last resort for boys that have shown no improvement through outpatient options. While the idea of sending your son away is painful and intimidating, the right program can help him make changes that can turn his whole life around. Through the benefits of a new environment as well as daily therapy and support from qualified therapists and counselors, boys are able to leave behind their usual triggers and temptations as they work on identifying and managing their issues. Healing behavior issues from the inside out produces longer lasting results than any other kind.

Although each individual facility offers their own combination of therapy modalities, there are some factors that are important to consider as you research your options.

  1. Safety – Safety regulations vary depending on the facility and the location. Each state has their own laws governing teen help programs, which leads may parents to send their sons a little further from home, if necessary. While it is tempting to keep your son closer to home, location should be less of a priority than making sure he has every opportunity to have a safe and effective experience. Research the laws of the states you are considering in order to make a fully informed choice. At the moment, Utah has the most comprehensive laws in the country.

  2. Individualized Treatment – Effective treatment programs treat each teen as an individual with a unique combination of needs. Small group sizes and consistent one-on-one with therapists and counselors ensures that they can craft a plan of care that is individualized for your child’s needs and goals.

  3. Therapy Modalities – Most facilities offer the common group, family and individual therapy sessions. While talk therapy is valuable in its way, teens also respond well to more experiential, hands-on options. Look for a facility that provides additional options, like recreation, music, cooking, equine or art therapy. The more your son is able to experience, the more likely it is that he will find something that resonates and motivates him in a positive way.

  4. Parental Involvement – Your input is important and you should seek out a facility that understands that. Although most programs request some initial distance from parents at first in order to help their teen settle in and learn to trust his new surroundings, you should be considered a part of his therapy process, both while he gone and when he is transitioning home. A good program will guide you through the changes he is making and also help you work on your own communication style for greater family cohesion.

Sundance Canyon Academy is a residential treatment center in northern Utah. Unlike other facilities that implement behavior modification techniques, we have created a relationship based therapy program that helps troubled teen boys identify the root of their issues and learn to heal them. For questions about our program, or a consultation, please contact us today at 1-866-678-2425.

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