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How Sundance Academy Is Different Than Other Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Therapeutic boarding schools are designed to help troubled teens that need outside intervention for common challenges such as depression, anxiety, defiance, substance abuse and other behavioral issues. While many facilities utilize a behavior modification therapy approach, this method only treats the symptoms of the core problem. At Sundance Canyon Academy, we have designed a relationship based program that provides high value interaction with teens in order to help them identify and address their issues. Some of the ways Sundance Canyon Academy is different than other therapeutic boarding schools are:

  1. Size – We are a 16 bed facility, which allows us to maintain a ratio of one staff member to every four students. We believe that the consistent and personal one-on-one attention that this provides helps students form healthy attachments and work through the program more effectively.

  2. Choice Based System – Unlike behavior modification, we do not punish students. We have found that it is more effective to set clear expectations and rewards and consistently remind students to adhere to the rules in order to develop trust. When a student breaks the rules, he then chooses to lose an established reward as a consequence. This model of allowing kids to take responsibility for their own actions is more effective in the long run.

  3. Parental Involvement – Many programs keep parent-teen interaction at a minimum until it is time for the student to return home. Sundance Canyon Academy keeps parents highly involved, with open campus visits up to three times a week as well as regular therapy sessions. Parents also have access the private online system where they can view pictures and browse tutorials designed to help them successfully handle their child.

  4. RAD Speciality– Because the program at Sundance Academy is so relationship based, it particularly resonates with kids suffering from Reactive Attachment Disorder. The staff has extensive experience in helping RAD teens develop healthy relationships and learn to manage their disorder.

  5. Productive Therapy – While we do implement the usual Group, Individual and Family therapies, we also provide experience through culinary, music and recreation therapies as well. We have found that these various opportunities allow students to express themselves on a personal level and attain the level of vulnerability they need in order to truly open up and pave the way for positive change.

  6. Education – In addition to our nationally accredited academic curriculum, we offer an experiential education program that can be used for academic credits or certification.

  7. Aftercare – Our Aftercare program is designed to involve both students and their parents in crafting a plan that helps them maintain the positive changes they made while staying with us. We are on hand to help families navigate through the transition back to home, family and friends and through the inevitable “honeymoon phase” and “testing phase.” We ensure that the structure at home is supportive of the new normal families face. Through years of experience and countless success stories, we are confident that our program is ideal for troubled teen boys. We believe that every young man is capable of making positive changes regardless of the challenges they face. Through a physically and emotionally safe and structured environment, they will develop all the tools they need to make good decisions and become competent young men that add value to their family and society. For questions about our program, or a consultation with one of our dedicated staff, please contact us at 866-678-2425.

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