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How Residential Treatment Programs Can Help Your Teen Son Overcome A Pornography Addiction

When you suspect that your troubled teen has a pornography addiction, it can be difficult to know what to do. Cutting them off from the internet at home often isn’t a real solution, as teens these days carry multiple devices which can give them access to porn, from their smartphones to their game consoles. Yet, it is clear that something needs to be done to address a teen pornography addiction, as there are far-reaching consequences to leaving the addiction unaddressed.

To help you determine if your troubled teen has a pornography addiction that needs to be addressed at a residential treatment center, Sundance Canyon Academy is here to help.  

How To Identify A Pornography Addiction

Unfortunately, most teenagers have been exposed to pornography before they turn 18 years old. Not all these teens develop a pornography addiction from their encounters with porn, but for some, it is the start of a crippling addiction. To help you identify the signs of porn addiction in your troubled teen, here are some key indicators:

  1. Incredibly defensive over devices where the teen watches porn.

  2. Inability to stop view pornography, regardless of their knowledge of the consequences.

  3. Increased irritability, anger, and depression with everyone.

  4. Neglect of all other relationships in favor of spending more time viewing porn.

  5. Lack of interest in other hobbies and increased isolation.

Ways Residential Treatment Programs Help Teens Overcome Pornography Addiction

Once you have identified that your teen has a pornography addiction and nothing you have attempted has helped them break that addiction, sending your troubled teen to a residential treatment program may be their best chance to overcome their addiction. The ways residential treatment programs can assist porn-addicted teens are:

Helps teens disconnect from porn – Part of what makes a pornography addiction difficult to overcome is the sheer availability of porn. Teens who have been struggling with their addiction can have space from the technology which is likely how they have been finding porn while attending a residential treatment program.

Also, teens in treatment programs are monitored for their welfare, so they will not have the opportunity to access any porn. By staying disconnect from porn, teens can naturally overcome their addiction.

Allows troubled teens to assist each other – Much like in other addiction programs, teens who are more advanced in the treatment program will help other teens as they struggle, providing advice and support. This practice helps teens stick to their goal of overcoming their pornography addiction.

Provides addicted teens access to specialized therapists – To help troubled teens beat their addiction to porn, residential treatment centers make a point to hire licensed therapists who specialize in helping teens. Many of them have further sub-specialties in pornography addiction recovery. With the help of these therapists, troubled teens will be able to learn how to break the addictive cycle.

Assist teens in recalibrating behaviors – Pornography addiction can lead teens to develop negative behaviors and skewed perceptions of what is acceptable. By working with the staff at residential treatment programs, teens can learn age-appropriate behaviors, speech, and perceptions.

Works with teens to help them catch up with peers – Along with learning age-appropriate views and behaviors, treatment programs also have accredited educational programs to help teens correct grades which may have slipped due to porn addiction.   

Dangers Of Leaving A Pornography Addiction Untreated

Porn addiction is not just a phase teens go through. In fact, research has shown that teens are far more likely to develop a significant pornography addiction than adults who are exposed to porn. Some of the critical dangers teens face from an untreated pornography addiction are:

  1. Porn can significantly alter the brain

  2. Increased anxiety and depression is associated with porn addictions

  3. Causes difficulty establishing and maintaining healthy relationships

  4. Pornography addiction can lead to desires for deviant stimuli

Sundance Canyon Academy Can Help Your Troubled Teen

Here at Sundance Canyon Academy, we provide a healthy space for troubled teen boys ages 13-17 to overcome their struggles, ranging from pornography addiction to depression. The teens in our program are able to receive support and help as they work toward a happier and healthier future.

If you think your teenage son can benefit from our residential treatment program, contact us. Our program advisors can tell you more about our program and help you determine if our program is a good fit to help your son overcome his pornography addiction.

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