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How Inciting Reasonable Fear Can Help Your Irrational Teen

How Inciting Reasonable Fear Can Help Your Irrational Teen

Fear – it can be a gripping and crippling emotion that controls us. It can stop us from from moving forward, send us sprinting in the wrong direction, or bring to our lives a totally irrational view of the past, present, and future. For teens, fear can be especially poignant, since their brain development is incomplete. They have more difficulty seeing into the future and predicting consequences for their actions.

Irrational Teens

Of course there are good and bad things that come from teen fear. One negative consequence of teen fear is irrationality. Teens are unable to rationally determinate likelihood of the events which scare them. They may find themselves convinced that they will never have friends, never find love, or that they’ll fail at life in general. They may develop a cynical or dangerous view of the world around them, unable to see the world with perspective. Teen boys may feel pressured to hide all emotion, and teen girls are constantly comparing themselves to edited magazine images.

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