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Finding Emotional Support For Parents With Struggling Teens

Finding Emotional Support For Parents With Struggling Teens

Teenagers are facing a lot these days. The strain of the average high school student seems to be higher than ever before and depression rates have been skyrocketing as a result. Everyone is talking about the problem, trying to find the cause and a solution.

As a parent this is especially draining for you. You are worried sick for your children, perhaps even dealing with major issues due to this or other disorders. Behavior problems could be impacting your entire family and all of your energy is being put into trying to help your loved ones through it.

With that effort being exhausted, you may have neglected someone else very important: yourself.

Emotional Support For Parents of Troubled Teens

It is understandable that the majority of the attention goes to teenagers who are struggling. But that doesn’t mean you or your partner should be forgotten in the fray. Dealing with these problems at home is incredibly difficult and you deserve some TLC as well.

Unfortunately it isn’t always easy to find that support. You may even feel judged or ostracized due to your teens behavior and unsure of where to turn.


One option is to call and talk to someone. When you feel overwhelmed it may seem like there is no one on your side. Just having a listening ear can make all the difference in the world.

  1. National Parent Hotline has state by state support as well as sections for parents of certain ages, issues or other categories.

  2. Bridges 4 Kids is a resource where you can find many different numbers to call for different crises, or to get advice and additional referrals.


Don’t want to call a number? Living in the digital age, we have many opportunities to reach out to others who understand us because they are facing the same struggles.

  1. Conduct Disorders is a place dedicated to parents who are dealing with children who have been diagnosed with conduct conditions, or who suspect their child may have one. It is very active and has people from all over the world as members.

  2. Parents of Estranged Adult Children is an option for anyone who is facing the imminent departure (or suspected one) of their child as they grow. If you are feeling the sting of abandonment, it is a great place to get help.

  3. CafeMom isn’t just for mothers, in spite of its name. It is a place for parents of children of all ages and facing any number of issues to get together and talk it out.

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