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Choosing The Best Programs For Troubled Teens

If you have been parenting a teen with severe behavioral issues for a while, you may have hit a point where you feel as though none of your efforts are making any difference. Issues like defiance, depression, substance abuse and mental issues not only exhaust you, but can also derail his healthy development. If you feel you have nowhere else to turn, then it is time to consider a full time residential program that can give your son the therapeutically immersive environment that you can’t provide at home.

Teen Residential Facilities Help Boys Get Their Lives Back On Track

Teen residential programs are often a last resort for teens that are not showing improvement in their home environment. Although it is intimidating and painful to face sending your son away from home, even temporarily, a good program can be life changing for your entire family. Daily therapy, experienced and qualified counselors and therapists and a chance to get away from their usual triggers and temptations can all help teens do the work of identifying what their core issues are in order to learn to manage them. The approach of healing from the inside out has proven more effective than any other kind of program.

While each facility will have their own curriculum, most offer a variety of therapy modalities. Some of the main factors you should consider as you do your research are:

  1. Safety – Safety should be a top priority when you are looking into facilities. Every state has different laws governing their teen help programs and many are well under the standards that give most parents peace of mind. Familiarize yourself with the specific laws in the states you are considering, so you know what to look for. Although you might prefer to keep your son as close to home as possible, location is less important than safety, accreditation and selecting a program that fits your son’s needs. Utah currently has the most comprehensive laws in the nation, making it a popular spot for full time facilities.

  2. Individualized Treatment – A good treatment program will treat each troubled teen as an individual with unique needs. Regular one-on-one with the counselors and therapists allows them to craft a plan of care that targets the things your son is struggling with most.

  3. Therapy Modalities – While most facilities offer a combination of family, group and individual therapies, some also include additional options like experiential, or “hands-on” therapy, recreational therapy, music therapy and life skills opportunities. The more experiences your troubled teen is able to participate in, the more likely he will be reached on a personal level. While rules and structure are an important aspect of most teen programs, the most effective ones will help your son gain his new outlook through means that are nonthreatening. Fear induced change is only temporary, but learning how to manage challenges is a skill that has lifelong benefits.

  4. Parental Involvement – Your input as a parent is important and should be valued by the facility you are considering. While most programs require several weeks of initial distance in order to help students acclimate and learn to rely on their counselors and therapists, you should ultimately be a big part of your son’s treatment plan. A good program will also guide you and your teen through the transition home in order to ensure that all the hard work he did is maintained.

Sundance Canyon Academy is a residential treatment center located in northern Utah. Unlike other facilities that implement behavior modification techniques, we have developed a relationship based therapy program in order to help troubled teen boys identify the root of their issue and learn to cope with it from the deepest level. For questions about our program, or a consultation, please contact us today at 1-866-678-2425.

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