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Boys Residential Treatment Centers In Tennessee

Choosing to send your troubled teenage son to full time therapeutic care can be difficult and intimidating. While many parents assume that they must select a boys residential treatment center in Tennessee, there are actually other options available throughout the country that may be a better fit. In fact, many teens thrive when they are placed in an environment that is entirely new to them. Some of the reasons for this are:

  1. Unique surroundings where troubled boys can start over with an entirely clean slate. Freedom from the triggers and temptations they associate with home can encourage them to make positive changes.

  2. Families have the opportunity to take an extended break from the constant power struggles and discipline cycles. Each party is able to focus on their individual challenges and better prepare to create a more effective relationship.

  3. Residential programs provide a time of respite for tired parents. While they emotionally regroup, their son is coached by professionals in a supportive environment designed to help him manage his issues in a healthy way.

  4. Each state has its own laws and requirements that govern the teen help industry, which means that the standards of safety, licensing and accreditation are subject to location. Utah currently has the greatest number of full time facilities because it has the most comprehensive laws in the nation.

What Is Sundance Canyon Academy?

Sundance Canyon Academy, located northern Utah, is an ideal destination for troubled teen boys exhibiting severe behavioral issues such as depression, anxiety, defiance, anger or mental disorders. We have designed a unique system that promotes relationship based therapy rather than traditional behavioral modification techniques. This strength based approach helps our students identify and target their issues at the deepest level in order to make changes from the inside out rather than simply changing the symptoms. Through a variety of therapy modalities like individual, group, family and experiential, each boy is guided to become the agent of his own change. We also provide an accredited academic program and life skills opportunities in order to offer each student a plan of care that is unique to him.

Sundance Canyon Is Here To Support You

We understand that this has been a long and difficult road and we are anxious to help you navigate the process of finding the best solution for your son. We urge you to consider that while a boys residential treatment center in Tennessee might seem ideal, location is less important than making sure your son’s destination is safe and a good fit for his needs.

For information about our program or enrollment, please contact us at (866) 640-1899. We look forward to talking to you.

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