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Boys Military Schools and Boot Camps In Tennessee

Making the choice to send your troubled son to full time therapeutic care can be painful and intimidating. Although you may assume that your choices are limited to boys military schools and boot camps in Tennessee, there are actually a number of options throughout the country that may be more effective. There are many reasons why teens thrive more when they are placed in an environment a little further from home, including:

  1. New surroundings where boys can begin again with a clean slate, free of the burden of old triggers, temptations and negative expectations.

  2. Families get the chance to take a break from each other and the cycle of ineffective discipline. Each party is coached by experienced therapists to make sure that their interaction is helpful and effective.

  3. Full time programs offer exhausted parents an opportunity to get some respite from the constant stress and worry of dealing with their troubled teen. While they recover, their son is supported and monitored in a safe and healing environment designed to help him improve.

  4. Each state has different laws and regulations governing the teen help industry. Depending on where you live, the facilities closest to you may not have the highest standards. Utah is currently the number one choice for parents throughout the country because it has the strictest and most comprehensive requirements for full time therapeutic care in the nation.

Sundance Canyon Academy Can Help Your Teen

Sundance Canyon Academy, located northern Utah, is the ideal destination for troubled boys with behavioral issues like defiance, depression, anxiety, substance abuse and mental disorders. Our uniquely designed relationship based therapy method helps students identify and target the core of their problems, rather than simply managing the symptoms as behavior modification based programs do. A variety of therapy modalities like individual, group, family and experiential therapies allows each boy to become the agent of his own change and learn to make more positive decisions. We also offer an accredited academic program along with life skills opportunities in order to craft a plan of care that is unique to each student’s challenges and goals.

Sundance Supports The Whole Family

We know that this has been a long and difficult road for you and we are anxious to take some of the burden off your shoulders. We encourage you to consider that although the boys military schools and boot camps in Tennessee will keep your son close to home, your top priorities should be safety and experience.

For information about our program or enrollment, please contact us at (866) 640-1899. We look forward to talking to you.

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