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Boys Military Schools and Boot Camps in Pennsylvania

Boys Military Schools and Boot Camps in Pennsylvania

Parents struggling with their teen’s behavioral issues often turn to full time facilities in order to help him turn his life around. In such situations, some of the first programs that parents research are boys military schools and boot camps in Pennsylvania. Although helping your child at home is ideal, some teens need a more therapeutically intensive environment in order to create real changes. There are many benefits to placing your child in a program a little further from home, including:

  1. A unique and challenging environment where teens can focus on their potential among peers and counselors that understand their unique needs. Each boy is able to leave old triggers and negative associations behind while he starts over with a clean slate.

  2. Families have the opportunity to get some healthy distance while they independently work on their personal issues. Time together is managed by a professional counselor who can ensure that each meeting is effective for both parties.

  3. Full time facilities offer respite for mentally and emotionally exhausted parents while their son is safely and effectively coached by counselors dedicated to helping him gain the tools he needs for a more successful future.

  4. The laws and regulations regarding teen help programs vary from state to state, which means that each facility is going to have different standards of care. Utah has the most comprehensive laws in the nation, making it popular among parents looking for both quality and peace of mind.

Sundance Canyon Academy, located in northern Utah, is an ideal destination for boys struggling with issues such as depression, defiance, anxiety, substance abuse and mental disorders. Unlike boys military schools and boot camps in Pennsylvania, we provide an environment that is supportive and encouraging. We have designed a unique relationship based therapy method that encourages each student to determine the root of his problem and heal from the inside out, rather than simply try to control the symptoms as so many behavior modification therapy based facilities do.

Sundance Canyon Academy Offers A Variety Of Therapy Options

We also provide a variety of therapy options in order to offer each troubled teen an individualized therapy plan that targets his needs and style of healing. Some of these include; family, group, individual, recreational and experiential therapies. We combine these with a fully accredited academic program led by licensed instructors, as well as a variety of life skills opportunities. When students complete the program, our Aftercare solution supports the whole family during the transition home.

We share the same goal. We want to see your troubled son discover his true potential and become the healthy, contributing individual that you know he can be. While we understand that you are looking into boys military schools and boot camps in Pennsylvania in order to keep your son close to home, we encourage you to put a higher priority on selecting the program that is the safest and most effective option.

For more information about our program or enrollment requirements, please contact us today at Sundance Canyon Academy (866) 640-1899. We look forward to talking to you.

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