​Picking The Best Out Of State School For Troubled Teen Boys

Your have tried therapy, group sessions, medication, even community service mandated by the courts. Nothing seems to work and your son is more out of control than ever. Now you don’t know what to do anymore and worry that your options might be coming to an end. But the problem won’t disappear just because the Read more..

​Treatment For Troubled Teens: Boot Camp V Residential Treatment Centers

There comes a certain point when even the most dedicated, patient, well equipped parents realize that their child needs more help than they can provide. For the parents of troubled teens, that point is usually once all of the conventional methods of managing their intense behavioral issues have failed and they are facing some very Read more..

​The Benefits of Attending An All-boys or All-Girls Schools For Troubled Teens

Schools that are separated by gender might seem remarkably old fashioned to you in this day and age. It brings to mind old religious institutions that our grandparents may have attended. But they have their benefits, especially if your child has been having difficulty with mental illness or behavioral struggles. An all girls or all Read more..

​Understanding Your Teen’s Anxiety

Watching your child struggling with overwhelming emotion is heartbreaking as a parent. When that emotion is anxiety, it can be even harder…you want to take it away, but no amount of reassurance can override a natural tendency towards that particular condition. Even professional help for anxiety can be an uphill and lifelong battle. Many parents Read more..

Consider Schools For Troubled Teens That Are Far From Home

As parents of struggling teens examine schools for troubled teens, one of the first things they need to determine is whether the parent will send the teen far from home or to a local troubled teen school. If you are unsure about sending your troubled teen far from home for school, consider these factors in favor Read more..

​Teens Learn How To Manage Mental Illness At A Therapeutic Boarding School

Boarding schools have a certain reputation, it seems. Many people think of the academic side as the primary focus, with better education opportunities thanks to the cost of attendance. But for those who are considering a therapeutic boarding school for their child, the motivations aren’t so simple. What Makes a Therapeutic Boarding School Unique? When Read more..

​What Determines The Length of Stay In A School For Troubled Teens

You have been looking at options for your troubled teen and have tried many of them. The therapy didn’t work. The group sessions led to nothing. Even juvenile detention (or the risk of it) seems to have had no impact whatsoever. Your teen is struggling as much as they have from the beginning and seem Read more..

​Treatment For Troubled Teens: Residential Treatment V Therapeutic Boarding Schools

There comes a certain point for many parents when they realize that the unending attempts to help their troubled teen just aren’t working. They have done therapists, psychologists, programs, group therapy, maybe even medication. Your teen could have possibly run into problems with the law, ruined their grades or had health scares associated with their Read more..

Parenting Troubled Teens: When To Enroll In A Residential Treatment Center

Many parents wonder when is the right time to enroll their troubled teen into a residential treatment center. Sending a troubled teen away to residential treatment is a large and expensive decision, so it is not a choice to make lightly. To help parents assess when is the right time to enroll their troubled teens, Read more..

Alcohol Awareness Month: Addressing Your Troubled Teen’s Drinking

Some parents believe that if their teen drinks under their supervision, then it is okay for them to drink. However, this is not the case. The teenage brain and body are not fully developed and alcohol can stunt their growth, both physically and mentally. So, if you discover your troubled teen is drinking, it is important Read more..