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Behavior Modification Schools – Why We Don’t Use Behavior Modification at Sundance Canyon Acad

Although some amount of defiance, depression and acting out is normal during the adolescent years, some kids take their behavior beyond the normal boundaries. When troubled teens engage in activities that inhibit healthy development, it is time to consider intensive intervention. In the most severe cases, it is necessary for teens to be removed from the triggers and temptations of their usual environment and placed in a full time therapeutic facility. Such programs are designed to help teens that have not responded to outpatient efforts by their parents and other authority figures. Although making the decision to send your son away from home is difficult, it can be a life changing opportunity as long as you select a program that is a good fit for his needs.

What Is Unique About Sundance Canyon Academy?

Sundance Canyon Academy is a residential treatment program located in northern Utah. We specialize in helping teens boys recover from and learn to manage emotional and behavioral concerns such as Substance Abuse, Defiance, Depression, Anxiety, Social/Self-Esteem issues and Developmental difficulties. We have created a unique program that is relationship based, rather than relying on behavior modification techniques employed at other schools. This holistic approach is designed to increase the resiliency and recognition of our students by helping them identify and focus on the core issues that lead to negative behavior and poor choices. Our method differs from behavior modification programs because we focus on healing from the inside out, rather than simply masking the symptoms. We have created a supportive environment that allows each student to be the agent of his own change through empathy, attunement and active listening.

What Help Do We Provide?


Our licensed and qualified staff and provide therapeutic intervention for each student through regular Individual, Group and Family therapy sessions. We employ a strength based approach to counseling including:

  1. Reality Therapy

  2. Solution Focused Brief Therapy

  3. Multiple Intelligence Theory


We provide academic courses though a nationally accredited education program. Students can work at their own pace for education credits or certification skills with the help of licensed instructors and tutors.

Life Skills

We have implemented a Fine Arts program and recreational education into our curriculum in order to promote relationship building and creativity and expand each student’s learning environment. Some of these include:

  1. Culinary Arts

  2. Music

  3. Outdoor Recreation

  4. Transition

One of the most valuable steps of the program is the transition home. Because of this, we offer an Aftercare option that supports both students and their parents as they make the change back to day to day life. By assisting this final step, teens are able to master the stages of functionality and health and become better prepared to maintain all of their hard work.

Our Goal

At Sundance Canyon Academy, our goal is to help guide troubled teens toward the skills and tools they need to handle their challenges and make positive, long term changes. Through an environment of hope and healing, we are confident that each boy that comes to us can become a contributing and caring individual.

For questions about our program, or a consultation about your son, contact us today at 1-801-675-8101.

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