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Making the decision to seek full time care outside of the home for your troubled teen boy can be one of the most intimidating decisions you ever make, but you are not alone. With the increasing numbers of troubled boys needing intensive help, more therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers for teens are showing up throughout the country. While more choices is generally a good thing, it’s difficult to decide which facility and type of curriculum is going to help your teen the most. At Sundance Canyon Academy, we offer a unique approach to teen help that has proven to be successful for hundreds of families. Through the diligence and dedication of a highly trained and qualified staff, each of the boys in our care are treated like the individuals they are with treatment plans that are designed to meet their unique combination of needs. We place great emphasis on healing from the inside out for better, more long lasting results and we keep parents and families involved and informed every step of the way. Our program is evidence based and holistic and offers teens their best chance for making positive changes and moving on to successful adulthood.

If you are searching for a program or academy for troubled teen boys, we invite you to call now for a comprehensive and confidential consultation. Sundance Canyon Academy 1-866-678-2425

Why Is Sundance Canyon Academy The Best Choice?

Through our many years of experience, we have found that every teen is capable of making the changes he needs to turn his life around as long as he has the right intervention and environment. Our curriculum is specifically designed to engage our student and give them the motivation to keep up with the therapy process. Some of the things that set us apart from other facilities include:

  1. Holistic Approach – While behavior modification therapy makes up the basis for most residential treatment centers, we believe that a more holistic approach is needed. Our program encourages boys to explore their individual issues to determine the root of the problem rather than just addressing the resulting symptoms. Our method is designed for long lasting results and better allows us to create individualized treatment plans.

  2. Family Involvement – The support of parents and family member can make or break a teen’s healing process, so we feel it is important to include you right from the start. While there are some restrictions in order to help your son settle into the structure of his temporary home, we invite you to visit on campus as frequently as you are able for regular visitation and family therapy sessions. We want to make sure you have gained the communication skills you need to best support your son once he returns home.

  3. Personalized Treatment – We understand that your son is unique and his needs are not necessarily going to be the same as the other boys in the program. We offer personalized treatment plans for every teen in our program that changes and updates as he progresses.

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