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No one can push our buttons like our children. When they get into their teen years it becomes less of a buzz of annoyance, and more a nonstop exercise in not losing your mind. Teenagers are, by their very nature, difficult to deal with. Fighting can become a daily occurrence, which can send any parent into a spiral of despair and stress.

Of course, if the issues you are having with your teen are more serious, professional help may become necessary. But if it is one of these five common sources of strain between parents and children, you may be able to just soften the blow on your own.

Having a Constant Bad Attitude

Rolling eyes, sneering, snapping and acting annoyed at the slightest comment or question from you…welcome to the teenage attitude that nearly every parent is faced with at a certain point. They seem to not just dislike being around you, but hate you.

Teenagers are hormonal, and going through a time of transition where they are desperate to establish themselves as individuals. Try and remember that their attitude is not a reflection of you, but their own inner struggles. It will pass over time.

Refusing To Respect Rules

You have house rules that you demand be followed, but lately it seems like they believe rules were only made to be broken. From refusing to respect curfew, to doing things and going places you have forbidden, you find yourself in screaming matches several times a week.

Some of your rules have to be kept strictly. But others could possibly be negotiated on, to give your child a sense of control and respect. For example, if they are routinely 20 minutes late for curfew, considering giving that time as a grace period where they have to be on their way home.

Hanging Out With Kids You Don’t Like

There are going to be friends of your child that you don’t like, maybe even some you can’t stand. But forbidding them from seeing those friends will only encourage your teen to hide the friendship, and potentially push the two closer together. Besides, your impression may be an unfair one.

An exception to this rule is if you know that friend is engaging in risky behaviors. In that case, having a calm, collected and honest discussion with your teen about your worries may be in order.

Keeping Their Eyes Forever Glued To Their Phone

If you discover a way to keep a teen from their phone for more than an hour, contact the press. This is a cultural aspect of the modern day as much as it is an issue of distraction, and it isn’t abnormal.

Put reasonable boundaries in place, such as phones not being at the table during meals, and good grades a prerequisite to phone use.

Freaking Out Over Every Little Thing

They can’t find their favorite sweater. A small argument occurs with their best friend. A sibling enters their room without permission. These don’t evoke reasonable responses, but all out WWIII in your home

What seems like a tiny thin to you is magnified in the emotional mind of your teenager. Try to be understanding, listen sympathetically, and help to reframe the problem without giving unwanted advice.

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