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Why Can’t I Help My Teenage Son Control His Anger?


It can be intimidating and frustrating when your teen begins to display aggressive tendencies or is constantly angry. In cases where his anger is consistent, it usually means that there is something more at play than simple adolescent angst. Helping your teenage son learn to control his anger involves more than reminders and consequences. He needs to learn how to redirect his feelings into more positive results than those he gets from lashing out. Here are a few ways you can help your troubled teen learn to control his anger.

  1. Consistent Rules and Consequences – Teens need consistency in order to learn how to manage themselves effectively. Make sure your teen has a clear idea of what is and is not an acceptable way to behave and what the consequence is if he breaks the rules or puts anyone in danger. Let him know that you are ready and willing to help him learn to manage his feelings in a healthy way, but that aggressive or violent behavior will not be tolerated.

  2. Offer Immediate Solutions – Individuals with anger issues cannot make their extreme feelings dissipate, just because they know they should. It is far m