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What Types Of Therapy Will My Son Receive At Schools For Troubled Teens

Some teenagers have more feelings than they know how to process and sometimes that is the root of troubled teen behavior. For these teens, the right therapy is crucial for rehabilitating their negative behaviors.

Therapy: Deciding What Is Best And For Whom

Some people believe there is a stigma associated with accessing counseling. For some parents that stigma becomes a stumbling block toward getting their sons the appropriate treatment. It is almost the classic “what will the neighbors think” type thinking. However the reality is it would be very rare for troubled teen to overcome his issues without therapy. As parents the choice is are you worried more about what other people will think more about your son. Perhaps that seems harsh but for many parents they never seem to graduate from the searching for help stage to actually sending their son to a specialized school where he will receive the appropriate treatment.

Therapy: A Multidisciplinary Approach

The most effective therapy for troubled teens will not be pigeonholed into one single school of thought. Since emotional and psychological issues typically have many layers, the best approach is multiple types of therapy. It does not mean your troubled teen is seriously broken or that you have failed. It means recovering from those types of issues takes a lot of work. Especially for teens, learning to communicate those innermost feelings is difficult. So the best facilities will use multiple approaches to help your teen open up. As parents your due diligence must include making sure the school you are interested in employs multiple ways of reaching your son. Ideally the best programs will combine individual and group counseling in a variety of different settings such as in the classroom, while working, and during activity time. The therapy should also extend to the family because your son’s best chance of permanent results is when the tools he learns at school come home with him to stay. Schools which claim to have “the one” therapy to cure your son should be avoided. If there was one single therapy, there would be no troubled teens.

Therapy: What to Look for

As you are searching for the right therapeutic boarding school for your son, look for school that is going to help your son learn to build and foster healthy relationships. Also be sure to check the school to make sure it deals with your son specific issues. Good schools are very up front about the type of issues they will accept. Schools which employ service, recreation, and other positive types of experiences as opposed to crisis management are going to be the most effective in training your son to be a constructive positive person.

Parents this is a difficult time. Now is the time to set aside any hang-ups you have about therapy and get your son the help he needs. Resolving his issues will only improve his life and yours.

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