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What is a Residential Treatment Center?

Residential treatment centers are facilities designed to provide full time, intensive help for youth with behavioral and emotional problems. Issues such as anger, aggression, depression, anxiety, substance abuse and mental disorders can keep teens from being able to effectively cope in day to day life. Residents receive 24 hour care and monitoring and are immersed in a therapeutic environment run by caring and trained staff. Such programs are generally a final effort for teens that have been unresponsive to outpatient options or discipline from their parents.

Upon arrival at a residential treatment center, a teen will receive a thorough assessment by a therapist in order to determine his behavioral, medical, emotional and social needs. Qualified staff will then craft an individualized plan of care for him, based on the results of his assessment. Although each facility implements their own program, most include a combination of individual, group and family therapies along with healthy recreational activities. Leisure time and coordinated events allow troubled teens to balance their work with fun and practice healthy interaction with their peers. Some facilities offer additional kinds of therapy and accredited academic programs as well. An effective residential program will implement a predictable and nonviolent way to help the youth in their care correct and practice good behavior. Their primary goal is to help troubled teens identify the core of their issues and resolve it from the inside out. This method has a much greater long term success rate than simply treating the symptoms.

Another benefit of residential treatment centers is the emotional respite it provides for parents and caregivers. Raising a teen with behavioral problems can be physically and mentally exhausting. While their teen is safe and secure in an environment dedicated to helping him succeed, parents can also participate in therapy and develop the communication skills they need in order to facilitate a better relationship when their child returns home. Both parties have an opportunity to see each other in a different light as they work with professionals to help their family unit improve and stay on the path to success.

While the idea of sending your child away from home is intimidating, it may be best way to help them. The consistent, therapeutic surroundings allow struggling teens to get the intensive, one-on-one coaching they need in order to move in a positive direction. Although it would be ideal to place your teen in a program close to home, it is ultimately more important to choose the one that is going to be the best fit and give him the greatest chance for success.

Sundance Canyon Academy is located in northern Utah and specializes in helping troubled boys turn their lives around for good. Unlike many residential treatment centers, we use a relationship based program rather than behavioral modification techniques because we have found that it is more effective. For questions about our program or facility, please contact us at 866-678-2425.

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