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Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Rhode Island


For Rhode Island parents who are wondering what they need to do to get their troubled teen son back on the right track, it may be time to look at therapeutic boarding schools. While it may seem drastic to send your son to a residential treatment center, the reality is that he may benefit form being in a full-time facility where he can get help for his emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. Sundance Canyon Academy is a successful therapeutic boarding school that goes beyond behavior modification to provide academic and therapeutic help. Don’t limit your search to therapeutic boarding schools in Rhode Island alone. Check out Sundance Canyon Academy to see how our relationship based program can help your troubled teen figure out how to brighten his future and heal from the inside out.

Please call Sundance Canyon Academy for a free consultation at 1-866-678-2425 and learn what we do to help troubled teens from Rhode Island and across the country.

Why Sundance Canyon Academy?

Sundance Canyon Academy has been helping troubled teenage boys for many years, and we have an outstanding success record in getting to the emotional, behavioral and mental health issues that are the obstacles to reaching their goals. With therapy and academic support, our experienced staff includes licensed therapists and teachers who are all dedicated to maintaining an environment of support where troubled teens can make positive changes. We are subject to some of the strictest regulatory laws in the country. This should give you peace of mind that your teen son is in good hands in one of the best therapeutic boarding schools in the country.

For questions about therapeutic boarding schools in Rhode Island and why Sundance Canyon Academy is the better choice for your son, please contact us at 1-866-678-2425 for a free consultation.

Benefits of Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens in Rhode Island

Therapeutic boarding schools across the country work hard to develop programs that help troubled boys with their emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. There are plenty of benefits to using these long-term programs over short-term ones like wilderness camps and boot camps. Most therapeutic boarding schools use behavioral modification therapy techniques, but these aren’t always effective. Behavior modification often just deals with the symptoms of the teen’s deeper problem. At Sundance Canyon Academy, we make sure that their therapy is addressing their particular issues, in a safe and structured environment.

Sometimes, teens really need some stability and consistence to help them overcome a lot of challenges in their lives. When life is chaotic, sometimes victims get overwhelmed and sad. Therapeutic boarding schools provide that consistency and give teens the opportunity to find their inner strength and use it to master their personal challenges.

Here are just a few benefits that therapeutic boarding schools offer teenage boys and their families:

  1. Family healing – By the time troubled teens enroll in Sundance Canyon Academy, their family relationships are often strained. Parents are encouraged to get involved in their child’s healing process, and it benefits every member of the family. With video chats and trips to campus, parents and teens can rebuild the relationship and move forward in healthier ways.

  2. Consistent therapy – From individual and group sessions with licensed counselors, therapeutic boarding schools are all about positive therapy. Getting to the heart of each boy’s issues is the key to providing lasting healing.

  3. Academics – Certified teachers hold nationally accredited academic classes to help boys with grade repair, credits and even work toward a high school diploma.

  4. Aftercare – Sundance Canyon Academy doesn’t stop caring just because a teen boy leaves the school. We make sure that every teen has the life skills and personal ability to rejoin the family and transition back into traditional school and work environments.

There’s no doubt about it–therapeutic boarding schools in Rhode Island simply don’t deliver the level of care and healing that Sundance Canyon Academy does. We know how hard it is to be considering residential care for your teenager, but knowing that he is getting the best help there is should help make the transition easier for everyone.

Issues Teens In Rhode Island Face Without Help From Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Dealing with a troubled teen is hard enough at home, but when parents see that their teen is participating in risky behaviors, it can turn frustration into fear and worry. Teens who don’t get professional therapy to help them deal with their emotional, behavioral or mental health issues try to handle it on their own. This often leads to rebellion, acting out and doing things that may be a danger to themselves or others. The negative consequences of risky behavior can have a lasting effect on the teen’s life, so it’s best for parents to intervene soon and provide the help their teen needs.

Here are just a few statistics on risky behavior in Rhode Island teens:

  1. Alcohol use: 9.5% of Rhode Island teens use alcohol

  2. Binge drinking: 11.2% of Rhode Island teens are binge drinking

  3. Drug use: Marijuana use in Rhode Island teens is 11.5% and illicit drug use is 5.8%

  4. Juvenile arrests: In one year, there were 1,079 arrests for property crime and 186 arrests for violent crime

  5. Suicide: Rhode Island ranks 21st in the nation for teen suicides

  6. Graduation rate: Only 77% of Rhode Island teens graduate from high school

Extreme behavior in teenagers often requires serious intervention and often, a residential therapy program is the only way to break the teen out of the cycle of bad habits, bad friends and frustrated parents and teachers. Sundance Canyon Academy allows your teen to get away from those triggers that cause the risky behavior and puts him in a safe and supervised environment that gets to the root of the problems, and therefore eliminates the bad behavior.

Choose Sundance Canyon Academy Over a Therapeutic Boarding School in Rhode Island

Teens today struggle more than ever in their transition to adulthood. When they get professional help, they have a better chance of success in life. Parents with troubled teens know the frustration of seeing their children make bad choices, and pull further away from them. A good therapeutic boarding school is going to help the teenagers identify their issues and work on healing. Success should come through therapy and experienced support at a place like Sundance Canyon Academy. Our northern Utah location is ideal for an experience that helps students build self-confidence, get help and find hope. Please call us today at 866-678-2425 and give us the chance to put your son back on the path to health and healing.

Sundance Canyon Academy Is Currently Serving Troubled Boys Throughout Rhode Island, Including:

Providence, Cranston, Pawtucket, Warwick, East Providence, Woonsocket, Coventry, Cumberland, North Providence, Johnston, Newport, Bristol, Smithfield, Lincoln, Central Falls, Westerly, Portsmouth, Barrington, Middletown, Valley Falls, and Warren.

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