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Skills That Boys Need to Learn From Their Parents

Skills That Boys Need to Learn From Their Parents

Raising a boy in today’s world is arguably tougher than ever, but as their parent, it’s your job to see them through and keep them on the right track. You may have heard people say that it takes a community to raise a child, but there are some skills that boys absolutely need to learn from their parents.

How To Cook And Clean

Domestic responsibility must be taught at a young age. Hopefully you have been setting a good example at home by having a clean environment and cooking yourself. Involve them as much as possible. Here are some ways to get them to pitch in at home:

  1. Have them help you prep and cook dinner at least a few times a week. That way, they will learn how to do it themselves for the future. When they’re older, they can even give you a night off from the kitchen every now and then.

  2. Give them assigned chores every week. If they learn to have the same standards as you do and that they should be taking responsibility for the household as well, they’ll grow up to operate in the same manner.

  3. Notice when they’ve taken initiative around the house. Did they take the dog for a walk without you having to ask or put in a load of laundry themselves? Give them credit so that they continue that kind of behavior.

Financial Responsibility

Discuss the importance of working hard, paying bills and not leaving beyond their means. If they want to buy something expensive, make them earn it. This could mean giving them an allowance that they have to save up in order to be able to purchase it or requiring them to do chores around the house in order for you to help them purchase it. Once they are old enough, a part-time job could be a great opportunity to learn financial responsibility as well.

Respect and Manners

Respect begins at home. Not only do they need to respect you, but they also need to respect their siblings and anyone else who shares the household. Also, they do imitate what they see. It’s important to always set a good example, not only at home but also in public. Call them out if they don’t say please and thank you and encourage them to take the initiative to do nice things for others, even if no one is watching.

Here at Sundance Canyon Academy we believe that when boys learn these skills at home from their parents, they’re more likely to stick. If they’re also around positive role models, peers and supportive environments, your son will be able to take these skills wherever they go in the future.

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