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Military Schools in Nebraska

Angry. Depressed. Frustrated. Worried. These are emotions that many Nebraska parents feel when they see their teenage son experiencing more problems due to bad behavior and untreated mental illness. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a family’s home life to be so tense that parents simply don’t know where to turn to get help.

Traditional schools in Nebraska are also not equipped to deal with troubled teenagers, so they slip through the cracks and continue on a downward spiral. Various military schools in Nebraska would have parents think that they have what it takes to force teen boys to behave, but they are not the best option for long-term success. Therapeutic schools are a proven way for teenage boys to get therapy, academic help and guided mentoring in order to turn their lives around.

Sundance Canyon Academy is a boarding school for troubled teenage boys from Nebraska and all across the United States. For additional information on our program, parents should contact our number: 1-866-678-2425.

What Is Great About Sundance Canyon Academy?

Most of the advice parents receive from mental health experts about troubled teens will center on finding professional therapy. While that’s great advice, some teens are so far immersed in an atmosphere of negativity and problems that a few sessions a week aren’t going to be enough. Also, there’s school and home to focus on, and already troubled teens are simply not equipped to succeed at this point. Therapeutic boarding schools like Sundance Canyon Academy are facilities with safe and structured programs where teens can get away from their current life and begin a new one.

Sundance Canyon Academy blends regular therapy with academic help, and includes outdoor recreation therapy, life skills classes and social interaction so boys get an overwhelming amount of guidance and motivation. If Nebraska teen boys who have emotional, behavioral and mental health issues are looking for a place to live and learn, therapeutic boarding school is the answer. Parents shouldn’t settle for military-style schools in Nebraska, but instead look at places like Sundance Canyon Academy where true healing begins.

Military Schools in Nebraska Can’t Compare to Boarding Schools

Knowing what to do and where to send a teenage boy with issues is difficult, but parents shouldn’t take the easy way out and pick military schools in Nebraska. Military schools tend to be programs where physical activity, strict daily routines and harsh discipline are the norm. Military-type schools also don’t have to have an academic or therapeutic component to operate. They mostly just work on behavior modification of the teens without trying to get to the heart of the issues they are facing.

Therapeutic schools, on the other hand, are programs centered on healing and progress. Here are just a few of the benefits of such facilities:

  1. Professional, certified staff members who put student needs first.

  2. Individualized recovery plans with specific goals to be met.

  3. Regular group and individual therapy with a licensed therapist to try to resolve internal issues.

  4. Lots of recreational therapy to increase self-worth and esteem, and also enhance relationships via positive peer pressure.

  5. Strong academic focus to compensate for failure in more traditional-style schools, which credit repair, continuing education and in some cases, an actual diploma.

  6. Independent living skills like budgeting, leadership, laundry, job interviewing and more.

Boarding schools like ours will provide the proper environment for every Nebraska teenage boy to learn and grow. From ADD/ADHD and anxiety to depression and substance abuse, there are plenty of issues that affect teens today. Sundance Canyon Academy, not military-style schools in Nebraska, are the answer to these problems and many others.

Troubled Nebraska Teens and Behavior Statistics

Boarding schools can provide teens with valuable therapy, academics and more, but what about teenagers in Nebraska who don’t get such professional help? Sadly, they turn to risky behavior that includes alcohol and drugs, and many teens continue to get worse and worse. Home life, school life and legal issues generally plague troubled teens and create a lifelong trap that is very difficult to break free from.

These are Nebraska statistics centered on troubled teenage behaviors:

  1. 13% of Nebraska teens have had alcohol before age 13.

  2. 24% of teens in this state have consumed alcohol within 30 days.

  3. 11% of teens here admit they have been binge drinking over the previous 30 days.

  4. 25% of teenagers have tried marijuana sometime in their lives.

  5. 6% of Nebraska teenage boys/girls have used inhalants to get high at least one time in their lives.

  6. Nebraska ranks 37th in the United States for teenage suicides.

  7. Just 89% of Nebraska teenagers will graduate from high or alternative schools.

  8. 30th in the country for teen suicide.

Nebraska parents need to know that every teenager deserves a second chance at turning their life around, no matter how deeply troubled they are. Therapeutic schools can make a difference in the direction their life is going, and even though it is hard, parents must get teens the real help they need. Military schools in Nebraska simply cannot provide the same type of service that schools like Sundance Canyon Academy can.

Why Parents Choose Our School Above Military Schools in Nebraska

Sundance Canyon Academy is the right choice for many teenage boys with emotional, mental health or behavioral problems. Parents can feel comfortable knowing their sons are in good hands. In fact, Sundance is unique in that it is located in Utah. This may not seem like a big deal, but once parents understand that Utah has extremely strict laws on how teen help programs operate, they can see that few other states have as high of standards. Certainly, military schools in Nebraska aren’t held to such a high level of operations or success rates.To learn more about Sundance Canyon Academy and the hundreds of boys that have been helped as a result of enrolling here, please contact us at 1-866-678-2425.

Sundance Canyon Academy Works With Nebraska Teenage Boys From All Of The Following Cities:

Omaha, Bellevue, Kearney, Lincoln, Fremont, Grand Island, North Platte, Hastings, Norfolk, Columbus, Papillion, La Vista, South Sioux City, Beatrice, Scottsbluff and many more.

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