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Military Schools In Arkansas

Wondering whether you should send your teenage son to military school in Arkansas? You may have heard that these types of schools are tough on bad behavior and that the use of physical activities and strict discipline will help reform your wayward son. However, military schools are not what you may think they are, and there may be a better alternative for teens who suffer with mental health and behavioral issues. Therapeutic boarding schools are successful teen programs that actually help Arkansas boys heal.

Sundance Canyon Academy is one of the best places for troubled teenage boys from Arkansas to get back on track in school and get full time therapy to help them with their problems. If you want more information about Sundance Canyon Academy, please call us at 1-866-678-2425.

Why Sundance Canyon Academy?

Sometimes teenage boys are unable to find success in their current environments due to past behavior, negative friends and frustrated parents. It’s at this time that they may benefit from a boarding school that removes them from all these triggers and puts them in a neutral place. The thing about a temporary therapeutic environment is that it gives him the professional help he needs, along with the time and space to work on himself, his academics and his goals. Parents who believe that military schools in Arkansas provide this same treatment are unfortunately just mistaken.

Sundance Canyon Academy has another advantage over military schools in Arkansas. Each state regulates their teen help facilities with different laws, and some are much more strict than others. Because of Sundance Canyon Academy’s location, it is subject to some of the toughest regulations in the industry. That means parents like you can feel comfortable knowing that your son is attending a program that is very highly regulated.

Benefits of Therapeutic Boarding Schools Like Sundance Canyon Academy

There are many advantages to sending your troubled teenage son to a therapeutic boarding school like Sundance Canyon Academy. Instead of a military school in Arkansas, teens can go to a safe and secure facility that blends academics, life skills, outdoor recreation, and therapy into one long-term program that has their health and healing as a top priority.

Here are some other benefits:

  1. Because the facility is dedicated to helping troubled teens, they’ve assembled an all-star staff with therapists, teachers, mentors and administrators who are all professional and properly licensed and certified.

  2. Teens get a chance to leave their old lives behind and start a new chapter where they can discover the reasons for their problems and then work hard to overcome them.

  3. Group and individual therapy is available for troubled teens and the licensed therapist helps them explore their issues, learn new coping skills and build up their strengths.

  4. Certified teachers guide students toward credit repair, getting back up to grade level and even on the right track toward earning a diploma for high school.

  5. Fun outdoor recreation activities give teens a self-esteem boost, help them make friends and learn about how much fun life can be when they are happy and healthy.

  6. Life skills like leadership, budgeting, cooking, cleaning and laundry are taught so that teens can learn to become independent.

These are just a few of the many interesting aspects that therapeutic boarding schools like Sundance Canyon Academy provide over military schools in Arkansas. Parents and teens who have attended ours and similar programs say that it’s been a turning point in the teen’s life, going from struggling to successful.

Issues That Arkansas Teens Face

Teens have all kinds of issues that they must deal with, from depression and anxiety to mental health issues and substance abuse effects. When teens don’t get the help they need to overcome their challenges, they can embrace bad behavior and start down a path that really can affect their futures.

Here are some Arkansas statistics on troubled teens that every parent should see:

  1. 24% of Arkansas teens drank before age 13

  2. 34% of teens in the state have had alcohol in the last 30 days.

  3. 9% claim that they have been drinking alcohol while driving in the last 30 days.

  4. 33% of teens in Arkansas have tried marijuana at least once

  5. Arkansas ranks 16th in teen suicides.

  6. Only 81% of Arkansas teens graduate from high school.

Parents who don’t want their teen sons to end up as part of these troubling statistics should embrace the chance to send them to a therapeutic boarding school for help. There are so many reasons why parents should intervene in their child’s life and help him turn over a new leaf.

Why Parents Pick Sundance Canyon Academy Over Military Schools in Arkansas

Sundance Canyon Academy remains one of the most effective therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers in the country. Its Utah location may seem far away, but really it’s a chance for your teen to gain some clarity and distance from his current, trouble-filled life. With a lot of effort, he can start to enjoy the benefits of recovery and realize his potential as he makes and achieves personal, academic and therapy goals.

Sundance Canyon Academy is always excited to help with the recovery of troubled boys from Arkansas and other states. We know what it is like to feel like there are no options left, and we want to throw parents like you a lifeline filled with hope. When troubled boys get the help they need to rise to a higher standard, they thrive. Our goal is to do whatever we can to help them see themselves as they could be and work toward that goal.

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we know that we will be able to help your troubled boy from Arkansas in make all the changes he desires. You’ll get peace of mind as well as you happy and healthy son back. Please call Sundance Canyon Academy at 1-866-678-2425.

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