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How Time at a Therapeutic Boarding School Can Stop The Family Discord

Sending your teenager to a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens is a tough decision to make, as it impacts the whole family. Yet, the benefits often strongly outweigh any reservations there may be.

These benefits aren’t only seen by the teen attending a therapeutic boarding school. As troubled teens receive the help they need, family discord can be stopped due to a variety of things that occur when a teen is away in a treatment program.

Here at our troubled teen treatment center, we have seen firsthand how family problems can be resolved by having their teen attend the right treatment program.

Parents Can Refocus Their Energy On Other Children

A serious issue for many families is that the energy of the parents is often focused on the teen that is acting out. However, if there are other children at home, they can feel neglected. Even the most understanding children can feel hurt that they receive little of their parents’ time and attention.

With your struggling teen away at therapeutic boarding school, you can put more energy into spending time with your other children. In many cases, this refocusing is essential to help prevent your other children from acting out to gain your attention.

Family Can Feel Secure Knowing Where Teen Is At

Many parents of troubled teens struggle with not knowing where their kid is at, as it is unlikely that their defiant teen is checking in with their parents. And, even when parents might feel confident about where their teen is—i.e., school, at a friend’s, etc.—many troubled teens lie about their location.

By attending a therapeutic boarding school, you can rest more easily, knowing that your troubled teen is in good, professional hands. We also often recommend out-of-state programs, as that can significantly reduce the likelihood that your teen will attempt to run away from the therapeutic boarding school and hide out with friends.

Video Conference Family Therapy Available To Help Healing

Therapy is available for the whole family when your teen attends a therapeutic boarding school like Sundance Canyon Academy. We offer family therapy sessions on the weekends, with teleconferencing for out-of-state families.

During these sessions, the whole family can work together to heal. With the assistance of your teen’s therapist, open discussions can be held, and family members can bring up their issues in a safe environment.

Take Time To Care For Your Emotional Needs

Parenting a troubled teen leaves little to no time for your emotional needs. This lack of self-care can impact your relationships as well as your health—mentally, physically, as well as emotionally. Yet, when you have to pick your teen up for shoplifting or attend another parent-teacher conference to discuss your teenager’s behavior, there seems to be no room for you.

Teens at a therapeutic boarding school are taken care of by a staff of professionals, so you can finally rest as you know your teen is being cared for by those who can address their needs. With this peace of mind, you can take time to address your neglected needs.

Sundance Canyon Academy Is Here To Help The Whole Family

Here at Sundance Canyon Academy, each of our students represents a loving family that needs help. Often, parents have tried everything to help their troubled teen on their own before they reach out to our program, and we honor that struggle by offering assistance to the whole family.

As your teen goes through our program, he will attend classes, therapy, build skills, make healthy friendships, as well as grow and learn. Teens who work through the roots of their issues are better able to rejoin their families and stick with the positive progress they have made.

To learn more about Sundance and how our program can help your teenage son as well as the rest of the family, feel free to contact us for more information.

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