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Many parents of troubled teens feel as though no one truly understands what they are going through. The truth is that there are many parents who know exactly what it’s like to raise a troubled youth. Support groups around the nation help those who are struggling with teens who may require more help getting through adolescence.

According to Kathryn Rudlin, LCSW, “For parents who are raising a troubled teen, a support group can provide an opportunity for comfort and advice from others in the same situation. These groups are available in most communities as well as online.”

The benefits of seeking support as you navigate the tumultuous waters of raising a troubled teen are many. The following are just some of them:

  1. It’s comforting to know someone else has the same thoughts and feelings as you do.

  2. Seeing other parents move forward with caring for their troubled child gives you hope.

  3. When there are problems, other parents can provide advice and tips.

  4. You’ll be able to learn about new programs, and how they have helped other children.

  5. It’s possible to gain a better perspective of your teen’s situation.

  6. Learn how to improve communication between you and your troubled teen.

  7. Find therapists and outpatient programs that may be able to help you, other loved ones, and your troubled teen.

  8. Seek feedback from other parents about certain situations.

  9. Understand the mistakes many parents make by seeing other parents make them.

  10. Share your opinions, thoughts, and advice to feel as though you’ve gained some sort of control and success.

  11. Offer information or resources that have helped you.

  12. Discuss some of the positive situations that have occurred.

  13. Talk about some of the problems other parents that do not deal with don’t understand.

  14. Work on accepting that you are not the reason your teen is troubled.

Where to Find Troubled Teen Parent Support Groups

Parent support groups are available in nearly every community. The best place to find information about them is your local library. Community centers and the local sheriff’s department are other places that may have information.

The Internet has plenty of support for parents of troubled teens. The National Parent Helpline website has many resources for just about anything that a parent goes through raising a child. Because I Love You is another wonderful resource and they have meetings all over the United States. You can also find groups on Facebook for parents of troubled teens.

Our boarding school for troubled boys understand parents’ needs for support. We have plenty of resources for support groups to help parents, as we help their troubled boys. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you and your family.

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