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High School Vs. Private School For Troubled Teens


When your teen isn’t responding to any of your efforts to help him, it may be time to consider a more intensive solution. Full time facilities like therapeutic boarding schools or residential treatment centers can be a valuable resource for parents that are unsure of what else they can do for their son. School for troubled teens immerse troubled teens in surroundings designed to help them overcome behavioral issues like depression, anxiety, anger, defiance or substance abuse. Private schools for troubled teens remove boys from triggers and pressures of home so they can focus on making healthy changes and gaining the tools they need in order to move toward a successful future.

What Happens At Private Therapeutic Schools?

Full time therapeutic schools provide full time care, monitoring and coaching for troubled teens. Although the actual curriculum varies depending on the facility, most of them offer a number of therapy modalities like individual, family and group. In addition, many programs also provide academic programs as well as recreational activities and life skills opportunities. Teens are guided toward managing their condition, coping with their problems and developing the skills they need in order to develop more effective communication with peers and authority figures. Each teen is assessed when they arrive in order create a plan of care that caters to his needs and goals.

What Will My Teen Learn?

Most programs provide a combination of the following:

  1. Communication Skills – Group therapy and team based therapy allows each teen to practice positive interaction and effective communication among peers and authorities.

  2. Healthy Coping Skills – Troubled teens have developed unhealthy responses to their daily challenges. At a therapeutic school, teens are taught to identify their triggers and practice positive reactions.

  3. Self-Esteem – Bad behavior choices often result from a lack of self-esteem. Through a variety of therapy modalities such as recreation, music and experiential, hands-on options, teens work on identifying and developing their strengths, while learning to manage their weaknesses.

  4. Academics – Many programs offer an accredited academic program that allows students to move forward in their educational goals at their own pace with the help of tutors and instructors.

  5. Balance – The primary objective of private schools for troubled teens is to introduce a healthy amount of balance into their lives. Work, play and positive relationship building are skills that mature individuals need in order to live successful lives.

Sundance Canyon Academy is a residential treatment center located in northern Utah. We offer a unique relationship based therapy model that allows troubled teen boys to identify the root of their issues and overcome them from the inside out. Contact us today at 1-866-678-2425 for questions about our program or a consultation.

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